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European Platforms

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CRAVE Music Agency



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Michalina Biernacka,,+48 739 193 478

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private for profit organisation

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small enterprise

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Aims and activities of the organisation

CRAVE Music Agency is created by a young, creative and experienced team of professionals. We are characterized by love for music, ambition, commitment and constantly deepening passion.

As a music agency, we provide comprehensive services for Artists. We offer managerial support, impresario care and professional promotional and advertising services. We work with leading media on the Polish market. We organize concerts and book both domestic and foreign performers. We also provide publishing support - we cooperate with graphic designers, presses and printing houses.

We also offer comprehensive global digital distribution services - we deliver music to Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Tik Tok and many more. Additionally, we offer YouTube channels and Content ID support.

We care about originality and we are not afraid of novelty - we promote aspiring singers and musicians who are taking their first steps. We specialize in hip-hop, soul, jazz, pop, rock and reggae music.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project leader

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

Music, concerts, performing arts, artist support, cultural heritage, visual arts, arts and technology

Description or summary of the proposed project

The main assumption of the programme is to increase the visibility and the circulation of European emerging artists and works outside their own borders, in Europe, and beyond. Our project assumes international cooperation in different fields - visiting several music studios in Europe, exchange of artists, production of video clips, CD publishing, multidimensional promotion, and many others. The highlight of the project is to organize a few concerts all over Europe to promote the artists and the outcomes of their work. The aim of our project is to support at least 50 emerging artists per year.

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?

From country or region

All countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme

Preferred field of expertise

As visual imagery will always be a part of the music industry we are looking for a Partner who has some experience in this field - professionals who would be responsible for creating artists' branding, strengthening their visibility and recognition in the European arena. The project gives both sides the unique opportunity to work and appear in an international environment. We're looking for professional graphic designers, video producers, photographers, music/recording studios and people who are familiar with all kinds of music and know their specifics.

We are looking for Parents from fields mentioned below, who would be responsible for:


• Preparing unique and aesthetic album/single cover arts,

mockups, logos, CDs for printing

• Preparing attractive concert posters, billboards, leaflets,

social media/ streaming services graphics, and other

promotional materials

• Creating WordPress website designs (also mobile-

friendly) and merch designs, if needed


• Creating great, high-quality music video clips,

animations, trailers, previews, video coverages, etc.


• Taking pictures of artists for commercial purposes such

as magazine features, PR, album covers, and


• Creating live gig/stage/trip photo relations


• Recording music, taking care of mix and mastering,

providing a rehearsal room etc. 5) MUSIC VENUES

• Places experienced in organizing concerts / live gigs 6) MUSIC AGENCIES

• Exchange of artists, international collaboration

6) All those who believe they could contribute to the success of the project, have interesting ideas and are willing to cooperate

Please get in contact no later than

8th of August 2021

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


Which kind of projects are you looking for?

All kinds of music projects that we can relate to


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