NGO -Sustainable Urban Society Association – STRAND, Professional Association

The Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: European cooperation projects

Deadline: 25/11/2018

Cultural operator(s): NGO -Sustainable Urban Society Association – STRAND, Professional Association

Short description: In its many years of experience, the organization of conferences of lectures and workshops within the themes we deal with, we propose a project that would develop the theme of digital innovation in art arch science and technology and their impact on contemporary life.

Contact details: Ms Ruzica Bogdanovic

tel /viber +381(0)638202500


Field(s): art-new media and digital + architecture + science & technology

Description: The theme of the project is innovation and creativity in modern society, with the focus on art, architecture, technology, and science as being among the leading proponents of innovative change. Different types or principles of innovation also apply to other fields, giving rise to new, hybrid or liminal disciplines in both sciences and humanities.

The concept of this project is that research contributes to three areas: arts, architecture and fashion / technology of clothes.

Participants of the project that will result in realized artifacts, which will be presented at the exhibitions to be organized, are invited to apply.

Research in:

////art – digital or new media installation

Innovation in art as a combination of art and science.

////wearsustrin – aplication technology and recycled material in new approach

Innovation in fashion with technological developments in manufacturing as material recycling, smart textiles or wearable technology.

////architecture parametric design – creating facade – model – creating an interior furniture

Innovations within the field of architecture created by using software tools for parametric design.

Countries: All countries (especially Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia)

Profile: NGO- focused on the topics of architecture, art, fashion / clothing, Faculty of Applied Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Galleries for exhibition settings

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