Peter-Weiss-Stiftung für Kunst und Politik e.V



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Cultural operator – who are you?

Name of organisation: Peter-Weiss-Stiftung für Kunst und Politik e.V.

Country: Germany

Organisation website:

Contact person:Ulrich Schreiber, [email protected]

Organisation type: non-profit private association

Scale of the organization:

- Ulrich Schreiber

- Managing Director of PWS

- 10 employees (program, press, finances, logistics)

- 10-20 interns 

latest annual turnover (2020): 1,1M € 

PIC number:949515056

Aims and activities of the organisation :

The Peter-Weiss-Foundation for Art and Politics was founded in December 1993 as a non-profit organisation based in Berlin. The patron of the foundation is the author Peter Weiss, who died in 1982. The founding members included Mircea Dinescu, Ulrich Schreiber and Alfons Söllner.

According to the statutes, the goal of the Peter Weiss Foundation as an international institution is to “make the often tension-laden relationship between art and politics on the subject of a broad-based debate.” (Ulrich Schreiber) The main focus is the promotion of art and culture, through the organisation of cultural events, the stimulation of artistic interpretations, the promotion of artists as well as political-aesthetic education (through publications, support for research projects, educational events, conferences, promotion of scholars). Projects of the foundation: International literature festival berlin, international literature festival odessa, Weather Stations, worldwide reading, Word Alliance.

Role of the organisation in the project:Project coordinator

Previous EU grants received:Wheather Stations ( 

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field: Children’s literature / Literacy Development

Description or summary of the proposed project:

Book Buddies is a Europe-wide program to promote reading among preschool children as well as the distribution of European children’s literature in different European countries. The central element of the project is the installation of a European network for Early Childhood Literacy Development. In workshops of six-month duration, facilitators work with a canon of 50 extraordinary European books and teach their methods and knowledge to preschool teachers and daycare staff. The books shall provide access to certain subject areas and European values. This is why not only literary and artistic quality is a central criterion, but also sensitivity to diversity, gender and environmental topics. The project leaves all 50 books to each preschool institution that participates in the project. Consequently, children can also benefit from the literary canon in the future.

The European network for Early Childhood Literacy Development contains zoom meetings of the facilitators on a regular base as well as a digital pen friendship of the different preschool groups.

Moreover, national literatures are "europeanized" through translation into other European languages. The translation program works on the principle that each book is translated to and published in the language of another cooperation partner – like in a carousel. The result are five new children’s books and a book tour of the respective authors. The children who participated in the workshops on the newly translated books have the opportunity to visit a reading of the author.

Partners currently involved in the project:tba

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for? 

From country or region:

European countries, which are eligible to apply

Preferred field of expertise:

Literature mediation to children / Children’s literature

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No deadline

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Projects that are engaged in the field of international literature

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