Ana Monro Theatre

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category/Call Cooperation projects / Small-scale / Call 2019

Deadline: 11.12. 2018

Cultural operator(s): Ana Monro Theatre, Slovenia

Short description: Ana Monro Theater is the main street theater NGO in Slovenia, which offers artists the opportunity to grow, strengthen and, ultimately, earn money. We organize festivals and other public events, perform various programs of non-formal education and training, create author's pro-ductions, and we are actively connected internationally. We are lead-ing and reference professionals for education in the field of contem-porary street theatre at home and abroad. Since 2014, we have been acting as a civil society with status of public interest in the field of culture, and in 2017 we have acquired the status of a society in the public interest in the field of education.

Contact details: / Goro Osojnik / / +386 41 723 146

Field(s): Performing arts – street theatre



Street theatre as genre is hitting the so-called glass ceiling, the barrier that prevents the sector to be as exciting and blooming as it was in last 20-30 years, when artists were exploring and pushing the boundaries of the public space as space for performing, meeting and connecting. One of possible reasons for this is the lack of education and knowledge transfer between different generations of artists. Consequently, the new generations have to learn and explore the features of the arts in public space in its many aspects again and again.

It would help the young artists to learn about the tradition and street arts as it was before their time. Therefore, we propose the project that will connect the tradition of street arts with the artistic approaches of new generations of street artists.

The idea is very simple – each partner picks a landmark street theatre pro-duction from their past (not necessarily their own past, also by some other company). The picked show should be relevant not only to the past but also to the contemporary world in such a way that young artists can (re)interpret it in an innovative, attractive and meaningful way.

We are looking for 3-4 partners, since for the start we want to build a small cooperation project for Creative Europe – Culture sub-programme. The pro-ject should last 2 years (October 2019 – September 2021) with main activi-ties in the 2020 (creation of the pieces) and 2020-2021 (presentation of the pieces on the festivals). Financial involvement would be around 30.000 EUR per partner, out of which Europe covers 60% (for creation costs + mobility) and each partner 40% (organizational costs and fees for performing in the festivals). We, the Ana Monro Theatre & Ana Desetnica Festival from Slo-venia plan to be the leading partner.

Countries: All eligible countries

Preferred profile: Similar profile as the lead partner, i.e. organizations specialized in street theatre (possibly organizing street theatre festivals and/or related non-formal education and training).

Previous Creative Europe or Culture (2007–2013) programme experience (if any):

Project name(s):

(1) Meridians – cooperation project run by street theater festivals (supported by Culture (2007–2013) / Call 2007)

(2) Circostrada – European Network of Circus & Street Arts (sup-ported by Creative Europe)

Role within the project(s):

(1) Partner

(2) Member of the network

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