HAMACA cultural platform


Call: CREA-CROSS-2021-INNOVLAB — Creative Innovation Lab

Creative Europe Projects 2021

Strand or category: Small and Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation: HAMACA cultural platform

Country: Spain - based in Barcelona

Organisation website: https://hamacaonline.net/

Contact person: Elena Lasala [email protected] +34647018341

Organisation type: non-profit organization

Scale of the organization: 3 team members + 1 intern + 40 external collaborators a year

PIC number: 889965204

Aims and activities of the organisation:

Hamaca is a platform for archiving, dissemination and learning

about contemporary audiovisual practices. Education is a core

element of Hamaca. The project articulates a wide network of

agents in the field of visual arts, experimental audiovisual, and

activism, in collaboration for the development of situated and

aware cultural projects.

Enable spaces for socialization, activation and learning is key

within the project. Organizing over 50 workshops every year

and creating educational materials, audiovisual pieces are also

used as tools for knowledge on social and cultural urgencies.

Hamaca supports and promote research, learning and creation

around the medium. The archive (digital and accessible)

assumes the public responsibility of preserving the video

heritage and to enhance its value.

From 2007, Hamaca is residing in Hangar (center for artistic

research and creation based in Barcelona).

Role of the organisation in the project:

Project partner

Previous EU grants received:

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Sector or field: visual arts, arts and technology, democratization, open tools,

activism, archive, audiovisual, artistic experimentation and

creation, performing arts, cultural heritage, feminism,


Description or summary of the proposed project:

We aim to be partners of an Innovation Lab project and

share our experience on 1) digital open-tools and

methodologies for audiovisual dissemination 2) strategies on

practices of fair remuneration for artists and collaborators 3)

ongoing implementation on greening digital tools 3)

sustainability, intersectionality, inclusivity, raising awareness.

By taking part in a European project, Hamaca is fostering to

expand and strengthen its international networks and share

strategies and tools in the field on cultural creation and


We also look forward to take part as partners on a Creative

Europe project. Hamaca is currently focusing on

intersectionality. Our organization is committed to be

increasingly accessible, to continue strengthening ties with the

cultural fabric and build up representations of the diversity that

constitutes the cultural and audiovisual sector of Europe.

Hamaca is focussing mostly in education programs with artists,

youngsters and universities, where video operate by boosting

thinking and action on key/urgent issues as gender, mental

health, anthropocene or commons.

Partners currently involved in the project:

Hangar (center of production and research on visual arts);

Spanish Ministry of Culture; Department de Cultura of

Generalitat de Catalunya and Municipality of Barcelona (Catalan

and Barcelona public administration); and collaborations with

institutions as La Casa Encendida, Intermediae or Instituto

Cervantes (Madrid).

From country or region:

Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Croatia, Estonia, France, Spain,

Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Tunisia, Poland, Austria, Czech

Republic,… All European countries.

Preferred field of expertise:

All arts, audiovisual, education, technology, philosophy,…

Please get in contact no later than:

15st of December 2021

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Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Raising awareness, creating educational materials, co-working

labs, network building, innovation projects, arts research and

experimentation, networks of archives and cultural labs.

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