Arrayán Network for Culture, Heritage and Environment Biosphere Reserve of Sierras de Béjar-France San Esteban de la Sierra E-37671 (Salamanca) Region of Castilla y León


Call: support for European cooperation projects 2021

Strand or category: small-scale cooperation projects

Cultural operator - who are you?

Name of the organisation: Arrayán Network for Culture, Heritage and Environment

Biosphere Reserve of Sierras de Béjar-France

San Esteban de la Sierra E-37671 (Salamanca)

Region of Castilla y León

Country: Spain

Website of the organisation:

Contact person: José Ángel Poveda García

(0034) 652926765

[email protected]

Type of organisation:

Professional NGO for the Sustainable Development of the Rural


Scale of the organisation: 2 employees / annual turnover 2020: 37,430.80 €.

PIC number 891008633

Objectives and activities of the organisation:

• Sustainable Development of Rural Territories

• Valorisation of the Human, Natural and Cultural

Heritage (PIC) through the promotion of sustainable and

quality development of Craft Trades, Applied Arts,

Ecotourism, Cultural Tourism and New Cultural and Creative

Industries in the territorial ecosystems of the Rural

Environment, for the benefit of Communities and Peoples.

Role of the organisation in the project:

project partner

Previous EU grants received:


Proposed Creative Europe project - which project are you looking for partners for?

Sector or field:

Intangible Cultural Heritage applied to Artistic Crafts, the

Development of Creativity and the innovation of New Cultural and

Creative Industries in rural territories.

Description or summary of the proposed project:

Through the development of the the initial project “Plan EnTre2”

for the recognition, valorisation and innovation of the Intangible

Cultural Heritage of the Traditional Embroidery of the Sierra de

Francia in Salamanca (in the process of being declared a "BIC"

Asset of Cultural Interest), the organisation Red Arrayán has

detected much interest in groups of artists, artisans, and those

wroking in applied arts and new cultural and creative industries in

developing tools and instruments for the creation, design and

development of products and services linked to the iconographic

universe of this heritage that has such a strong cultural syncretism,

with origins and aesthetic and cultural roots coming from all over

the Mediterranean region.


• Support for equipment and operation of the LabCREARTE as a territorial node in the Biosphere Reserve for

Red Arrayán´s Eco-Cultural Design and Innovation,

introducing sustainability aligned with the SDGs, the circular

economy and support for rural women as over-arching


• Research, Discovery and identification of Female and

Senior Talents (Silver generation) in vulnerable groups of

unemployed women and over 55s with skills for application

and incorporation into active life and creative development

in Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts.

• Applied design of participatory, artistic, plastic and manual

eco-cultural immersion methodologies for locals,

tourists and visitors.

• Design and Development of Craft Prototypes based on the

ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage), with the collaboration of

craft workshops in the area.

• Design and implementation of pilot projects for the

participative and integrated creation of New Ecocultural

Spaces of a public nature in rural areas.

• Design and implementation of pilot projects for the creation

of Land-Art Routes based on ICH (Intangible Cultural

Heritage), with the collaboration of local artists and

craftspeople (mainly women).

• Design and technical study of Projects based on the ICH

with the application of the New Cultural and Creative


• Creation of creative experiences within the framework

of Ecotourism and Cultural Tourism in Rural


• Artistic Residencies in the framework of participation and

creativity integrated in the Intangible Cultural Heritage,

sustainability and the demographic challenge of rural


• Creation of a responsible interactive website with ecommerce, e-learning of Lab-CREARTE, which integrates the actions, experiences and activities of cultural tourism, artistic and eco-cultural creation developed by the collective,

inside and outside the Creative Europe Project.

Budget: €150,000

Partners currently involved in the project:

We have internal partners, but we do not have any European

partners to apply for Creative Europe candidacy.

Partners searched - what type of partner are you looking for?

From country or region: all from the Euopean Union. Mainly Portugal, France, Italy,


Preferred field of expertise:

Creative immersion in intangible cultural heritage

The Applied Arts and Crafts

Cultural Tourism

The Artists' Residence within the framework of ECOT0URISM

Please contact us at the latest on:

on August 20, 2021

Projects sought: are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?

Yes / no Yes

What kind of projects are you looking for?

We are interested in the Creative Europe Programme

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