SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium


Call: Support to European Cooperation Projects 2021

Strand or category: Small Scale Cooperation Projects

Cultural operator – who are you?

Name of organisation: SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium

Country: Finland

Organisation website:

Contact person: Merja Suoperä, [email protected], +358 40 773 2566

Organisation type: General and Vocational educator

Scale of the organization:

Total number of students is around 7 000 (6 000 VET), 520


PIC number: 947544792

Aims and activities of the organisation:

SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium (Sasky)

was founded in 1966. Owned by 13 municipalities around the

Tampere region Sasky provides VET of nearly all fields at 12

different school campuses scattered around the region. Sasky

also provides general education at two general upper

secondary schools, a civic institute and a music institute.

Recently, Sasky has expanded to apprenticeship training,

labour policy education and prison education. The total number

of students is around 7 000 (6 000 VET), 520 staff. Our VET is

very attractive; around 60% of the potential applicants choose


SASKY Municipal education and training consortium is

organizing education in Creative branches as vocational and

general education. In Ikata campus music production

vocational examination (song writer and music manager) is

been trained and in Ylä-Satakunta academy of music basic

studies and advanced special studies are taught. In addition

music education is been executed as non-formal adult

education courses in Petäjä institute in Pohjois-Satakunta and


Role of the organisation in the project:

Project leader

Previous EU grants received:

All for One and One for All 5 -Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter

All for One and One for All 6- Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter


ERASDG- Education Requires the Appliance of Sustainable

Development Goals. The project focuses on sustainable

development in the fields of nature, and the environment


Eurotopia -Esrasmus +

The aim of the project is to compare matters related to

sustainable development in different European countries and to

raise awareness of sustainable living (ongoing).

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field Potential partner should have knowledge in music,

mathematics or ICT. Partner can be training consortium, music

or ICT company which have expertise for example producing

music, creating sounds or managering music. Gaming branch

companies are hoped to get involved as an Expert by

experience and bringing knowledge how to create music for

games, coding and working life-oriented project models.

Project is for young adults, and it connects different forms of

education and involves students, teaching staff and instructors

in these branches.

Description or summary of the proposed project:

The creative field needs new openings and approaches to

recover from the crisis caused by the pandemic. New digital

technologies and media have multiplied the opportunities in

content industries to an extent where education is truly

challenged. Digitalization brings new activities and earning

opportunities to the music industry, and the Gaming industry

seeks frequently workforce and top Talent internationally.

Multi-disciplinary, diverse and international learning contexts to

ensure competitiveness is highly called for.

The purpose of this project is to build skills through new

curricula and training opportunities and raise awareness of

sound design and bridging the gap between creative contents

and ICT-field.

The aim of project is in the need to attract more girls into the

sectors, but also in the need to be able to develop specialized

training opportunities and real-life joint projects as part of

music, math, tech and gaming education.

Music coding and technology as well as ICT and coding are

strongly male-dominated areas, whereas music and the arts in

general appeals much more equally, if not even dominantly, to

females. Approaching music coding and sound design from

both artistic and technical perspectives has proven as one way

to increase the interest of both sexes.

On the other hand, now there is a real need to strengthen

music branch competitivity and diversify the expertise of the

students in this branch. This will be accomplished by for

example connecting game and sound production to the branch

and also by developing student’s expertise in coding and

understanding the gaming branch.

Teamworking skills, creativity and innovation are important

skills in present working life. Practical projects in multidisciplinary teams will provide increased opportunities from

these perspectives. Teaching staff will get skills in instructing

and facilitating pedagogical creative processes which they can

utilize in education in any branch.


1)Development of learning modules for Music Coding & Sound

Design for training-of- trainers, hosted by each partner


- Participants will consist of chosen teachers of music, music

technology, math, ICT and coding as well as games


- Developing a multi-disciplinary approach coupled with

project-oriented learning will be a core horizontal approach

throughout the project.

2) Participating teachers will develop an intensive course

concept for students, that will enable co-creation and

production of joint projects/assignments in order to create

soundscapes using music coding. Support networking and

familiarizing with the music & gaming industries throughout the

partner countries. Students will get an opportunity to be able

to participate the developing the course.

3) The multi-disciplinary course will be piloted in the partner

countries. Students will learn the sufficients skills in order to

be able to lead creative multi-disciplinary teams. The teaching

stuff will also learn the pedagogical guiding and the process of

the facilitation regardless of any field.

4) Learning modules can be integrated to existing courses in

the different disciplines, be realized as introductory workshops

or be built to independent courses and realized in co-operation

of different partners. The results of the project and the

intensive course will serve as a basis for developing a new

course content and learning models supporting the training in

the future.

5) The results of the project will be introduced in the final

meeting of the project.

The project will last for 2-3 years.

Partners currently involved in the project:

So far, we have had meetings with music branch in SASKY

Municipal education and training consortium and one music

branch training company.

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?

From country or region:

We aim to gather 3-4 partners from European countries.

Preferred field of expertise:

Cultural Centres, Music educators, companies from ICT-field

Please get in contact no later than:

August 20, 2021

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a


Yes / no Yes

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Projects that combine ICT and the music area in a creative

way. Projects related to music education, production and

focused young artists and music managers in similar


Publication of partner search:

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