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Francesco Spaggiari, [email protected]

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5 employees, 45.000€

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eufonia is an interdisciplinary platform that explores the relationship between art, science and culture through the medium of sound.

The inspiration behind it stems from the belief that curiosity, creativity and dialogue are necessary for artistic, scientific and social evolution. we explore the past, current and future uses of sound in diverging areas of people's daily lives, ask crucial questions and bring together key people, technology & institutions to answer them.

Our projects aim at creating unique and engaging opportunities for humans to meet, and are motivated by the beauty of the exchange of knowledge across geographical, academic and cultural barriers, which results from striving for interdisciplinarity and diversity.

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performing arts, visual arts, literature, poetry, public journalism, arts and technology, self-government and selforganization.

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We are looking for project partners for Eufonia Festival, an interdisciplinary festival about sound, art, and science.

Our festival explores the intersection of several fields of research (psychology, neurology, genetics, health, communication, technology...) through concerts, panel talks, sound installations, seminars, rituals, workshops, scientific experiments, and satellite events - in a way, spreading information and questions about our situation as humans, and our interaction with (and perception of) reality, at a social and individual level.

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Creative Europe Program Countries and other eligible countries

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Sound arts, performing arts, psychology, neurology, sociology, anthropology, technology, communication

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21st August 2021

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Interdisciplinary projects around sound and music, with a social impact


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