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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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ART & HEALTH (Hellas)

Interdisciplinary no profit Partnership of Mental Health Interventions through Art


Greece (Crete)

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under construction

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Stamatina Karali, Founder and Presiden

[email protected],+306980503149

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non-profit partnership

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Small scale organisation (2-4 persons)

PIC number

888 281 381

Aims and activities of the organisation

Art and Health (Hellas) was founded at the beginning of 2020 It belongs to the respective international organisation, the National Organisation of Art in Health (N.O.A.H), as the first European cooperative member.

It collaborates with relevant scientific associations and associations such as the American Association of Art Psychotherapists (AATA), the International Association of Expressive Arts Therapists (IEATA) etc.

It is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions.

The basic aim of the partnership is the elevation of Art as a very important component for a plead of disciplines and actions, on a national and international level.

Based on a purely human-centered philosophy and always according to the principles and the tools of art psychotherapies, as they emerge from recent international studies and practices, we sought to continuously sensitize and inform people regarding the scientific dialectic value of Art as an important interstitial means to achieve, defend and promote the Mental Health and well-being of individuals and groups.

Apart from that, the widest possible recognition of the dialectic value of Art, from professionals of several disciplines as an ideological framework that contribute to the creation of appropriate interventions (psychotherapeutic, psycho educational, training, etc.) to ensure a suitable environment both for individual mental and physical health as well as for the well-being of society as a whole.

Our long-term aim is the academic and professional recognition and ensuring of the rights of Art Therapists both in Greece and abroad.

With every available means, we organize, realize, evaluate and support all activities and programmes that are fully in accordance with UN SDGs, and more specifically the sectors regarding Health, Education and Culture, and are commensurate to the goals, aims and subject matter of the partnership.

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project partner

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Sustainability, participatory art actions, cultural and creative sectors as cultural heritage, literature, art as therapy, eco art therapy, visuals, expressive and performance arts from different countries

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Our priority is to raise the local people awareness about how participatory eco art is one of the most important tools to communicate the sustainability in the post covid-19 era and how their cultural heritage (both material and immaterial) probably could affect our art action practices design among countries. Our goal is to replicate/try out this collaborative art actions design approach with other cities in Europe.

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All eligible countries

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We are looking for partners who share similar interests and ideas, about the value and the power of Art, as a global language between different cultures and civilizations.

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All kinds of projects


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