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Cultural operator – who are you?

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Estufa - Plataforma Cultural



Organisation website

Contact person

Andreia Besteiro

[email protected]

+351 261144854 | +351 936 408 775

Organisation type

Associação sem fins lucrativos | Non-profit Association

Scale of the organization

About 30 employees

PIC number


Aims and activities of the organisation

We are a cultural and artistic promotion structure of consolidated importance in its territory of operation. We have established ourselves as a platform for inter and multidisciplinary training, creation and production in artistic areas such as dance, theater, visual arts and literature, involving these languages in order to build an environment conducive to artistic and disciplinary intersection.

We have built a dynamic entity, a catalyst for ideas, initiatives, and training and creation projects, by stimulating knowledge and providing learning, experiences, sharing, and actions with individual and social impact in the scope of arts, culture, and innovation. 

We are an association that strengthens the ties between the space it occupies and the society that surrounds us, developing ongoing projects of recognized relevance through the collective participation of the community, providing the hosting of external agents in our artistic residencies, as well as the promotion and dissemination of local production.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project partner or project leader

Previous EU grants received

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Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

Performing arts, cultural heritage, art education

Description or summary of the proposed project

- Artistic Residency: with hosting and stimulus to the exchange of experiences in performing arts, at the headquarters of the Association in Torres Vedras - Portugal;

- Development of the Educational Service network: sharing with partners that stimulate creativity and cultural mediation in children and young people from education through art, mainly from low population density territories;

- Stimulate a hip-hop meeting, with dialogue between professionals and appreciators of this language.

Partners currently involved in the project

Intranzyt, Centro de Estudos Clássicos da Universidade de Lisboa, EMERGE - Associação Cultural para a Promoção de Arte Contemporânea, A Bolha - Teatro com Marionetas Associação, CCC - Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura, Bang Venue, Cão Solteiro, Plataforma 285

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Preferred field of expertise

Performing arts, cultural heritage, art education

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