Georgian National Museum

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Georgia Georgian National Museum

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Cultural operator(s): Georgian National Museum, Georgia

Short description: The Georgian National Museum was founded in 2004 by the order of the President of Georgia. It is the successor of the "Museum of the Caucasus” founded in Tbilisi in 1852 and is a continuation of the long tradition of the country's museum. With its foundation, structural, institutional and legislative reforms have begun in the field of cultural heritage protection. The National Museum of Georgia has united the largest museums in the country's capital and regions, galleries, house-museums, science centers and vaults.

The purpose of the union was to create a place to put together large part of the cultural heritages movable monuments, a significant intellectual and scientific-research potential. For effective management of the national treasure, the museum established a unified management system, Unified scientific and informational database and defined a museum policy. The Georgian National Museum cooperates at the local and international level with other institutions of education and culture, state and private sectors. The institutional development of the Georgian National Museum is underway with the support of UNESCO, the European Union and other international organisations.

Contact details: Maia Jambazishvili

Project Manager

Tel : +995 571 755 855

National Museum of Georgia

A.Purtseladze str. 3

0105 Tbilisi Georgia

Proposed Creative Europe project 

Field(s): "Digital Innovation in Cultural Heritage"

Description: Within our project initiative we would like to accumulate innovative knowledge and experiences in different directions in the field of digital communication, sharing, redoing and using cultural heritage in the museum field. We want to offer you to cooperate within such projects, Where there will be united the achievements of digital innovations like additional reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence on the one side and Unrestricted potential of museums / cultural heritage in the field of education and knowledge on the other side.  Our goal is to develop modern, interdisciplinary, multicultural, immersive cultural projects, Which will focus on audience development, attracting young people, universal access to cultural heritage / museum content. We will use the possibilities of modern communication platforms and social networks, Which will enable us to increase the efficiency in the relationship with the public, we will offer people of different generations to actively integrate in cultural heritage / museum content, processes and exhibition space itself, to implement their vision, opinions, expression and representation of new mechanisms.

Countries: All eligible countries

Preferred profile: Museums, Cultural Heritage Institutions, Galleries, etc.

Other: We can be as project leader and as well as partner country

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