Librart Performing Arts Ensemble




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Small/Medium/Large Scale Cooperation Projects

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Librart Performing Arts Ensemble non-profit company



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Marianna Rantou & Marina Kolokouri

[email protected]

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private, non-profit organization

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Very Small (5 permanent members & collaborators); volunteer (20 members)

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Aims and activities of the organisation 

LibrArt is a civil non profit company, headquartered in Ioannina & Thessaloniki, northern Greece, cooperating with a nation-wide network of artists and cultural stakeholders.

The company’s main purpose is both cultural and artistic. In particular, it includes in its activities: the production & promotion of cultural content, the staging of theatrical plays, the promotion of dramaturgy in Greece and abroad, the intercultural cooperation, synergy & networking between artists, the promotion of the folk cultural heritage, the organization of cultural events & seminars, the development of artistic capacity and skills, the development of innovative artistic works and the creation of new audience.

The company has been recently founded, but its founding members have years of experience and presence, in the creative industry of Greece, in positions such as cultural projects planning, funding & coordination, theatrical plays & film direction & production, acting, planning and organization of cultural events, acting workshops e.t.c.

Our vision is to become a solid member of the wider european and global, artistic and cultural community and engage in the exchange of culture, artistic expertise & expression and common creation.

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No other grants

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Theater, Performing Arts

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Theater, Performing Arts e.t.c. 

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