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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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VOCALINI - DUO Elvire de Paiva e Pona & Joana Rolo (duoelvirejoana.com)

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Joana Rolo

[email protected]


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private organisation

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small business

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Vocalini converts famous opera arias into children’s songs with the purpose of making opera accessible for children. Famous arias, by composers like Rossini and Mozart, are arranged so that they can be sung by any child with no musical training. Vocalini’s first objective is creating innovative, and multilingual digital didactic tools for music education. Second is developing new audiences for classical music and opera by making the new generation acquainted with the genre.

Our songs are an innovative pedagogical project aiming to foster connections and promote audience development. Since we intend to make the songs widely available for educators and parents, on streaming platform IUPKI and on our website, we are convinced to reach millions of children. Moreover we also perform our songs live, in concerts halls and schools across Europe.

The European added value is promoting and protecting European musical heritage. Also, core European values like inclusiveness and solidarity, are playfully addressed by the lyrics of the songs. The songs being available in four European languages (english, french, portuguese and german) is meant to fuel interest in multilingualism/culturalism.

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project partner

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performing arts; classical music for children; activities for children; participatory concerts; opera; opera for children; digital education; concerts for children; music education; creation of new publics for classical music and opera; multilingual singing; active engagement and participation in music; audience development; fostering connections between people through music.

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This project's first objective is to create innovative, professional and multilingual digital didactic tools by converting famous opera arias into 16 children’s songs that we will record to make available with lyrics or instrumental only.

The second objective is to promote and preserve European heritage by acquainting a new and very young audience with classical music. We want to convert the general public’s perception of classical music being formal, difficult and exclusive and convey that opera can be accessible and enjoyable. Children who are exposed to classical tunes at an early age will be more susceptible to attend classical concerts later in life. With this we are engaged in safeguarding and expanding the diversity of European music.

This project addresses the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on both the cultural and education sector by tapping into the increased demand for digital educational tools for music teaching, thereby also contributing to the digital recovery.

To further add to the recovery, in the long-term, we believe to be working for a stronger and more sustainable music sector by creating a new generation of music consumers. In addition, we aim to raise awareness by passing a green message through the lyrics of our songs.

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any country/any region

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art-educational projects / creation of methodologies for music teaching / concerts / festivals / music recording / digital tools for art education


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