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Cupuaçu, Unipessoal Lda.



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Helena Stewart, Co-founder of the Muda Other Economies project

[email protected]

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Organisation private

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Cupuaçu develops artistic residency projects, establishing the intersection of arts - performing, visual, music, dance, photography and audiovisual -, with ecology, agro-ecological practices as a reference point, including concepts, practice, ethics and pedagogies. Based in Portugal, Cupuaçu is linked to the “Rede Muda Outras Economias” (Change Other Economies Network), that is to say, a network of cultural, social, socio- environmental and educational actions, originally from Brazil, which has been weaving bridges in Europe. The outputs and practices carried out by Muda can be seen on their YouTube channel (Muda Outras Economias) and on the website ( Cupuaçu's aim is to participate in projects with objectives similar to the one it develops, strengthening partner actions and engaging itself in future project coordination, in order to reach a greater network of artists and communities benefited by the widening and consolidation of bridges in the European space.

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performing arts, visuals, sculpture, music, dance, photography, audiovisual, culture, agroecology, food, sustainability and circular economy

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We aim to add value as partners in projects that share the strands of arts and ecology, with similar objectives to the one we develop, including the circular economy. Our skills: artistic residencies that intersect arts and ecology; online and in-person artistic seminars; online and/or in-person festivals that house the works and outputs resulting from artistic residencies.

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Performing and visual arts, culture, agroecology, sustainability and the environment

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Small, medium, large scale cooperation projects


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