Palco de Sombras



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Small, Medium and Large Scale Cooperation Projects

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Palco de Sombras



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Under construction

Contact person

José Fernandes, [email protected], +351 917839001

Organisation type

Private for profit organization and social investment

Scale of the organization

Micro scale

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Aims and activities of the organisation

Palco de Sombras (PdS) is a social enterprise with headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. It was founded in March 2009 by professionals from the Communication and Culture sectors. In 2011, it expanded its activity to the field of Education- Training.

PdS is guided by strict criteria of social responsibility for the creation of products and services that respond to specific human development needs, especially of people and groups that, for whatever reason, are at a disadvantage situation. Respect for human rights and the global ecosystem, equitable citizenship, intercultural dialogue and full democracy are key values underlying its activities.

PdS has the proven ability to bring together interdisciplinary teams of experts and to work in cooperation with entities from different areas for the development of multidisciplinary cultural projects.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project partner

Previous EU grants received

  • Bazaar, Learn And Exchange At The Market Place (N.° 527510-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP), 2012-2014.

• LEAP - Learning Path for Disabled Young Adults (No 2012-1- FI1-GRU06-09488 4), 2012-2014.

• Romani Lives (N.o 2012-1207/001-001 CU7 COOP7), 2012- 2014.

• ETRA - Education Trough Re-habilitative [Outsider] Art-Phot (N.o 42518490 -LLP-1-2011-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP), 2011- 2013.

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All countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme

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All fields.

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Which kind of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for projects related to Performing arts, Cultural heritage, Visual arts, Literature, Arts and technology, Education through art, Museum activities and exhibitions, Sustainable cultural tourism, and also projects Cross-sectoral strand.


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