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Date: 15/06/2022


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https://www.facebook.com/Leitmotiv-Area- 1639291919538318


Contact person

Lucía Martínez Martínez, [email protected], phone number 0034645511410

Organisation type

public organization

Scale of the organization

E.g. 3-5 employees, 30.000 euro

PIC number

PIF: 927405070 OID: E10095261

Aims and activities of the organisation

Mission and Objectives Mission:

The "Leitmotiv" of our association is CULTURE. It is the transverse axis that will motivate all our movements because we understand the great contribution that culture can do as cohesion factor for processes related with economic differences and tensions of social conviviality.

Which is yours? In LEITMOTIV-MOVEMENT we help you to know it, to develop it it and / or to promote it across the activities that we carry out and across experiences in not formal education area inside programs as ERASMUS +, voluntary works, work camps in Spain or foreig countries etc.


To promote the development and diffusion of all kinds of studies, projects and cultural activities related to cultural and creative industries.

To sensitize the population on international mobility and European knowledge space by means of European programs.

To give youth services.

To take part in projects in artistic and cultural intervention in the territory, recovering spaces forgotten and those wich are to disposition by other institutions, associations, companies etc.

To contribute to social and economic development across the promotion of cultural entrepreneurism and support to creative community.

Participation in cultural projects to promote the cooperation between the different local administrations, Regions and to promote the Spanish Education, Culture and Sport Department presence in diverse points of our national territory.

To take part and to promote cultural cooperation projects and development cooperation in the European space and third countries, as well as Africa, South America or Asia.

To promote Citizenship Awareness regarding to the immigrants rights, new forms of marginalization, development cooperation and solidarity between countries.

Main Projects / Activities

The activities carried out in our organization are to realize, to promote and to support projects of any area inside the CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES:

1. Scenic arts: live Music, theatre, dance, performance ...

2. Audio-visual: Cinema, television, documentary, radio ...

3. New means: IT Applications, video games, digitalization ...

4. I design: graphical, industrial Design, interiors, mode, jeweler's shop ...

5. Edition and printed means: Books, press, scientific publications, another type of publications ...

6. Creative services: Arquitecturales, advertising, research and creative development ...

7. Visual arts: Photography, painting, sculpture, urban art, antiquities ...

8. Cultural sites: archaeological Sites, museums, files, libraries, cultural centers, audiences ...

9. Cultural traditional expressions: crafts, fairs, street markets, celebrations, popular traditions ...

And definitively, all those that promote the development and the participation of those who want to promote culture, cultural cooperation,cultural tourism, development cooperation, migration, lifelearning programs and sociocultural animation.

Role of the organisation in the project

project partner

Previous EU grants received

Not previous Creative Europe grants, but experience in other European projects

• Erasmus Plus Program, code 2018-2-ES02-KA125-011705, European Voluntary Service project "My new Old Town".

• Erasmus Plus Program, code 2018-3-KA105-012319, project Training Course “Rural Women Entrepreneurs”.

• Erasmus Plus Program, code 2019-2-ES02-KA105-013763, Youth exchange project “BROTHERS. Two towns united by copper”.

• European Solidarity Corps Program code 2019-1-ES02- ESC11-012974, volunteer year 2020 two volunteers from France and Turkey.

• Erasmus Plus Training Course Program "LOW COST VIDEOS FOR NGO'S". Code2019-3-ES02-KA105-014525.

Partners in:

Project Title : EU’NITED

▪ERASMUS+ PROGRAM YOUTH IN ACTION – KA1 ▪ Proyect n. 2020-2-FR02-ESC11-018126

Project Title: MUSIC-IN


▪ Proyect n. 2020-1-IT03-KA227-YOU-020657

Project Title: Raising Tomorrows Leaders, Today! ▪ERASMUS+ PROGRAM YOUTH IN ACTION – KA1 ▪ Proyect N. 2019-3-BG01-KA105-077980

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Experts in social inclusion, social and cultural innovation, education, youth and volunteering.

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Sustainability, touring, music, arts, architecture, Performing arts, Visual arts, literature, education, cultural heritage, history, poetry, film, Culture, Literature, Education, Social issues ...all kind of projects are interesting for us.


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