Public Service Media "Radio-Television of Vojvodina"



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Public Service Media "Radio-Television of Vojvodina"



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Margareta Makanova, [email protected]

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Public media institution

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Large-scale organization

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Radio-Television of Vojvodina (RTV) is an institution which main activity is production, purchase, processing and broadcasting of television and radio programs. RTV provides media services on two television and three radio station programs on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Nurturing heritage, caring for the language, cultural traditions and identity of all citizens (ethnic minorities and majorities), nurturing a culture of dialogue and mutual understanding, preventing hate speech and particular interests within society are activities that RTV handles on a daily basis.

RTV aims to act universally (regionally, interculturally), fostering democracy, plural dialogue, mutual and inter-national respect, tolerance and creativity, independently of particular political, economic and other influences, with quality (mainly programs of traditional and universal values),with diversity (in the form of program genres, participants, origin), transparently (publishes the principles of the editorial policy, the annual budget, revenues and spending, ensuring efficient management and economy) and innovative (as a generator of creativity in the society and application of new program formats and technology in the digital environment).

A prerequisite for a modern democratic society is objective information, informed public, circulation of all relevant initiatives and ideas, respect and nurturing of heritage, taking care of the language, cultural traditions and identity of all citizens (ethnic groups and minorities), fostering a culture of dialogue and mutual understanding, preventing hate speech and particular interests of the internal society.

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Media, public service media, freedom of expression in media, culture, human rights, gender equality, media literacy

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Media, culture, gender equality, media literacy

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As a public media institution which produces and broadcasts radio and television program in 16 languages, we can make a good media partner and cover a wide range of topics: tourism, education, arts, ecology, health etc.

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