Opera Lubelska / Lublin Opera



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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Opera Lubelska / Lublin Opera



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Nadia Gruszka

[email protected]

+48 530 535 295

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public organisation

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big organisation

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Aims and activities of the organisation 

Opera, operetta, musical, ballet, cultural education, projects for children. We are the largest cultural institution in the Lublin Voivodeship, operating since 1947.

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project partner

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opera, operetta, musical, ballet, cultural education, projects for children

Description or summary of the proposed project

European cooperation projects in the fields of opera, operetta, musicals, ballet, cultural education, and projects for children. We are interested in co-productions, artistic residencies, and artistic exchange. We can create both classic and contemporary works, and we are also open to new interpretations. We will be happy to cooperate with both artists (singers, actors, dancers, and musicians) and creators (directors, choreographers, and set designers).

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English speaking countries/citizens

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Please get in contact no later than

The end of 2026 

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Which kind of projects are you looking for? 

opera, operetta, musical, ballet, cultural education, projects for children

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