Call: Support to European Cooperation Projects

Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects and Middle Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation Spotlight

Country Croatia 

Contact person Ivan Mrdjen, [email protected]

Organisation type Private for profit

Scale of the organization 2 employes, 39k EUR 

PIC number 897349038

Aims and activities of the organisation

Spotlight is an SME based in Zagreb, Croatia. It was founded in 2017 by producers Tena Bosnjakovic and Ivan Mrdjen based on their successful collaboration and experience in the field of cultural and creative sector throughout various local projects, international performative festivals and over 8 EU funded projects. From 2017 until today Spotlight established itself by providing and taking care of full production and management aspects for various artistic organizations (Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Studio Dance Company, Croatian Dance Network, De Facto, 21:21, P137, ON/A etc.) as well as their activities throughout the year (production of domestic and international festivals, theatre performances, distribution of theatre performances, exhibitions, realization of small scale and large scale projects etc.). Spotlight also realizes its own projects, is involved in various start-ups and in co-production with other companies in the field of creative industries. These projects are mostly connected and interact with the technology of 21st century such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (augmented reality), blockchain technology, etc.

Role of the organisation in 

the project Project partner

Sector or field E.g. performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, 

architecture, arts and technology, other fields

From country or region E.g. Denmark, Tunisia or Ukraine

Which kind of projects are 

you looking for? 

We are looking for the projects in the field of performative arts 

and contemporary dance, new technologies, blockchain, 


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