Consiliul Județean Botoșani


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Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of the organisation Consiliul Județean Botoșani (The Botoșani County Council), Memorialul Ipotești – Centrul Național de Studii Mihai Eminescu (The Ipotești Memorial – ”Mihai Eminescu” National Center for Studies)

Country Romania

Organisation website Contact person Alis Socea, [email protected], +40755457080

Organisation type public

Scale of the organization 41

PIC number 889024692

Aims and activities of the organisation a) conservation, protection, restoration and promotion of the existing cultural and museum heritage, as well as its development; b) research and study of Mihai Eminescu's life and work, as well as research and study of the entire Romanian literature; c) offering of diversified cultural products and services in order to increase the degree of access and participation of the community in cultural life; d) organizing the transportation of staff and participants to various local, national and international cultural events, representing and promoting the institution; rental of minibus for road transportation of people, according to the rate approved, on a yearly basis, by county council decision, as a consequence of the purchase of a minibus by the Ipotești Memorial; e) editing of the Romanian studies journal ”Glose” - the specialty journal of the Ipotești Memorial – ”Mihai Eminescu” National Center for Studies, edited by the institution starting from 2019; f) offering accommodation facilities for holidays and short periods of time.

Role of the organisation in the project partner

Sector or field Culture, heritage, development, innovation, education, digitalization 

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