Call Support to European Cooperation Projects

Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects 

Name of organisation SMJEŠKO – professional small theatre company for children and youth

Country Zagreb, CROATIA

Organisation website

Contact person MIRTA ZEČEVIĆ/TIHANA BAKARIĆ Organisation type private not for profit organisation

Scale of the organization 1 employee, 127.295 EUR - 2022 PIC number 887097205

Aims and activities of the organisation We continuously create and perform projects/performances, engaging professional actors, directors, playwrights, set designers and part-time musicians. We are a travelling theatre and we have been performing mostly in smaller towns, villages, schools, playschools, hospitals and care centers for children and adults with special needs. We create socially responsible plays and have a strong professional and artistic approach to every performance, encourage the creativity of the audience, and raise awareness. Our plays have a strong undertone of social responsibility, featuring topics such as adoption, adolescent anxiety, environment protection and recycling.

Role of the organisation in the project project partner or project leader

Previous EU grants received European social fund, call “Arts and culture online” 2022/2023 - 65.403 EUR

Sector or field performing arts - theatre

Description or summary of the proposed project The project idea is to create a theatre play for the audience 11+ on the topic of peer violence, together with two other similar partners-coproducers. Via open call we would choose the artists to form the production team with one general director. The script will also be created within the project. We want to choose the objective and priorities given by the call together with the partners, as well as to create original activities that would contribute to chosen prioritites.

From country or region Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Italy

Preferred field of expertise Socially responsible plays for youth

Please get in contact no later than We want to take the time needed to properly develop the project idea together with the chosen/found partners.

Which kind of projects are you looking for? Theatre for children and youth 

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