Kabrio Agency


Call European Cooperation Projects

Strand or category Small,Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation Kabrio Agency

Country Portugal

Organisation website www.kabrioagency.com

Contact person Andreia Amaro [email protected] 00351 938583747 Organisation type Private Organisation – Communicacion Agency

Scale of the organization Number of employees: 5; latest annual turnover: 100k

PIC number 884703245

Aims and activities of the organisation Founded in Portugal in 2018, Kabrio Agency is a Communication Agency expert in Digital and Influencer Marketing. Its goal is to conceive and implement campaigns with a social and constructive purpose, it is an agency with a highly distinctive and personal positioning. We work to support the communication of Companies/Brands/Projects, not only with the aim of increasing reach, awareness and recognition, but also to strengthen their community. We believe that narratives should have not only a positive and social impact but also should be inclusive. Our purpose is to connect brands and projects to people's hearts, and we have already developed award-winning projects in Creativity Festivals of which we are very proud.

Role of the organisation in the project Project partner

Previous EU grants received D.I.V.A - Diversity, Inclusion, and Visibility in Art

Sector or field Communication Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing Public Relations Design

Projects you are looking for: - Social Media Management - Effective Communication Strategies - Digital and Influencer Marketing Strategy; - Production of digital content (copy; photo and video) - Public Relations - Design

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