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Strand or category Medium Scale Cooperation Projects


Country SPAIN

Organisation website Museo Goya. Colección Ibercaja-Museo Camón Aznar (

Contact person [email protected]

Organisation type Fundación Ibercaja (non-profit organization)Imascono (SME)

Scale of the organization Fundación Ibercaja (100)

Imascono (25)

PIC number Fundación Ibercaja (904774582)

Imascono (920336486)

Aims and activities of the organisation 

Fundación Ibercaja: with more than 100 years of experience, the Ibercaja Foundation is expert to schedule, manage and promote different areas: culture, social, training, mobility city. 

CULTURE AREA: We schedule exhibitions, talks, concerts, 

courses and educational activities, with the aim of bringing 

quality culture closer to society as a whole. In particular, we promote the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya and his work. 

We offer our long experience as cultural actor and our 

resources (show rooms, galleries, workshop spaces, Francisco de Goya Museum, training centres, assembly halls etc.)

Imascono: is a creative technology studio that allows to 

enhance business strategy through cutting-edge products and solutions, being specialists in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. Driven by emotion, they design experiences that connect technology with human emotions, highlighting their own work methodology known as Applied Imagination.

Role of the organisation in the project

Fundación Ibercaja: Project Coordinator, Culture Coordinator Imascono: technology partner

Previous EU grants received Several Erasmus+ projects ( 

Creative Europe:

Sector or field Arts and technology

Description or summary of the proposed project

We are working on a proposal of artistic creation to raise

awareness about the disasters of war in Europe. Based on

Francisco de Goya's famous series of prints, we want to create an immersive and multisensory artistic experience to bring different groups (especially young people) to the reality of war and its consequences, combining virtual reality headset (sight and hearing) with the latest cutting-edge technology such as haptic gloves (touch). It will be an immersive experience that can be available in any space, in any country (museums, universities, educational centers, old people's homes, etc.) thanks to virtual reality glasses, but also through devices within the reach of any user (computer or cell phone).

We need to involve entities of different profiles to carry out 

different roles: 1) dissemination and communication strategy; 2) co-creation of content to raise awareness about the war(testimonies, different artistic expressions about the war); 3) creation of the musical material, voice-over, theatricalization, script direction; 4) activity dynamization (programming, production, organization of exhibitions and activities).


To strengthen the creation and circulation of European works, artists and professionals.

To make young Europeans aware of the disasters of wars that have left deep scars on European history. Just as Goya 

captured the brutality of conflicts in his engravings, we want young people to reflect on the devastating consequences of wars and build a future in which empathy and understanding prevail over violence and suffering.

The common thread is the disasters of war throughout human history, from the time of Goya to the present day with Ukraine.

Priorities: Digitization; Support for Ukrainian cultural and 

creative sectors.

Activities: Co-design and production of exhibitions and 

cultural and cultural shows; Common development of tools and content Partners currently involved in the project

Fundación Ibercaja (Spain) Imascono (Spain)

From country or region Ukraine

Preferred field of expertise Co-creation of content to raise awareness about the war (testimonies, different artistic expressions about the war) Examples: Ukrainian associations of war victims, Association of Photographers of Ukraine. 

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