Rising Pixel


Call Support to European Cooperation Projects 2024

Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation Rising Pixel

Country Spain

Organisation website https://www.risingpixel.com

Contact person Luca Contato ([email protected])

Organisation type Ltd - Limited Society

Scale of the organization Team of 14 people.

PIC number 896103267

Aims and activities of the


Development of gamification experiences.

Role of the organisation in the project

Developers of technological tools to help people.

Previous EU grants received

- Record (KA220-VET-74318986. Applicant: Izmir Katip Celebi


- EMBED (KA220-ADU-CC04A2AE. Applicant: MV International)

Sector or field

We cover different areas of game development:

● Games designed to raise awareness and promote

cultural heritage.

We design game experiences, using HTML5 and AR

technologies to create frictionless experiences, virtual spaces

where people can discover and learn about locations, events or


● Accessible games

We develop games designed in a way that enables everyone to

have fun playing them. Audio games for blind people,

mind-controlled software for the physically impaired and

tailored Games for Health solutions.

Description or summary of the proposed project

We are interested in participating as a partner or in European projects where we can develop our gamified tools/experiences to help people.

Preferred field of expertise Gamification, Serious Games, AR experiences:

Our gamification solutions are designed to aid in spreading awareness about mental health, environmental issues and climate change. We also create inclusive and accessible gaming experiences to help individuals with impairments to develop soft skills and havefun.

Please get in contact no later than

As soon as possible.

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Innovative projects designed to help people. Our versatile team will adapt to the specific needs of the project.


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