MãoSimMão Cultural Association


Call Support to European Cooperation Projects

Strand or category Small or Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation MãoSimMão Cultural Association

Country Portugal

Organisation website www.maosimmao.com

site under construction but with links to projects and recent


Contact person Sezen Tonguz

[email protected]

Organisation type NGO

Scale of the organization 7 employees

PIC number 879980218

Aims and activities of the organisation

Founded in 2010, the MãoSimMão (MSM) Cultural Association is dedicated to contemporary art creation across various disciplines. MSM focuses on blending art with science, technology, and ecology, considering art and science as the core drivers of human knowledge. Under the artistic direction of Simão Costa, MSM collaborates with national and international artistic, academic, and scientific institutions. MSM’s focus revolves around interdisciplinary connections, bridging art forms like music, dance, theater, and visual arts with scientific and technological fields.

Over the past decade, MSM has brought together artists and thinkers to explore transdisciplinary artistic creation,

technology, and ecology, forming a collective focused on

research, action, and thought.

Artists involved in projects of MSM prioritize research and

experimentation, merging diverse disciplines and engaging with visual arts institutions while organizing their work

collaboratively across teams.

MSM's key areas of involvement include artistic creation and circulation, research for reflection, and artistic mediation facilitating access to creativity through innovative projects like “Tactile Listening” and workshops exploring creative processes.

Overall, MãoSimMão is committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art by integrating disciplines, fostering collaboration, and providing access to creative experiences through their diverse projects and activities.

Role of the organisation in the project Project partner

Sector or field Music, Performing arts, Transdisciplinary arts practice, Art-Mediation, Science and Arts

Preferred field of expertise Experimental music, contemporary dance, cross disciplinary projects of science, technology and arts

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Cross Disciplinary projects in dialogue with ecology,

technology, education, science

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