Aspira Institute



Support to European Cooperation Projects 2024

Strand or category

Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Aspira Institute 

Organisation type

non-governmental organization

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Aims and activities of the organization 

Aspira's mission is to create a breakthrough learning experience that fosters innovation, collaboration and strategic development. By connecting creativity, we create sustainable growth, unlock potential and provide a unique pathway to success and excellence.

One of our main goals is to support idea development and creativity, we wish to encourage every individual to “ THINK LIKE AN ARTIST! Why? As education and learning is one of our pillars we encourage it through creativity. Think like an artists means be creative, curious, seek questions, develop ideas, and play. By actily involving art dicsiplins such as visual arts, photography and video art as our main artistic tools in our daily work we question individuals comfort with ambiguity, encourage idea generation, and open relms of transdisciplinary research. We Aspire arts in all areas of development.

We specialize in  

VISUAL ARTS – illustrations, art therapy, installation, street art ( guerrilla )

VIDEO ART – video installations, art films, experimental films, analogue film making, stop motion and film workshops. 

PHOTOGRAPHY – analogue photography process, street photography 

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Previous EU grants received

No previous grants in the Creative Europe program.

Contact details and links

Vesna Lenić Kreže – [email protected] 

Sector or field

Visual arts ( installations, street art, illustrations), Video art ( installation videos, art films, experimental films, analogue films) Photography ( specialized in analogue photography and street photography) 

Description or summary of the proposed project

We are looking to be partners in projects where we can contribute with our methodologies on how to apply arts in the life long learning process. 

We specialize in visual arts ( illustrations, installations, street art), film making ( video art, short films, documentary films) and photography ( specially analogue photography) 

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