Cápsula Cultura


Call Support to European Cooperation Projects 2024 – Creative Europe

Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects Medium Scale Coop Projects

Name of organisation Cápsula Cultura

Country Spain

Organisation website www.capsulacultura.es

Contact person Cristina de la Casa – 613058561 - 682122422

Organisation type Private for profite organization – Sociedad Limitada

Scale of the organization 9 employees, aprox. 300.000€ billing

PIC number 879652552

Aims and activities of the organisation

Cultural heritage and education innovation

Role of the organisation in the project

Project leader

Sector or field Cultural heritage, art and technology

Description or summary of the proposed project

DIVERSITY WALKS is a media project that will build a series of connected audio and augmented reality walks in culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. These are all places where a fluid, recombined sense of heritage is being formed. In addition to the audio + AR walks the project will create an artist exchange program that trains and situates the producers of the walks in the host neighborhoods. The project will also include various school

and public programs that give audiences access points to the walks’ content: cooking classes, lectures, walks + talks, etc.

Partners currently involved in the project


From country or region All european countries

Preferred field of expertise We are looking for partners to help us in three areas: running a call to digital artists and storytellers for the exchange/producer positions, designing small installations and signage for the walks, and creating and executing an awareness campaign. Anyway, wecould accept other partners wanting to create routes in their cities.

Which kind of projects areyou looking for?

Cultural heritage, education, awareness about technologies, equality, etc.


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