Call Support to European Cooperation Projects 2024

Strand or category Small and Mid Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation Entorns

Country Spain

Organisation website www.entorns.io

Contact person Maragda Farràs Aloy, [email protected] , +34608722107

Organisation type Private for profit organisation

Scale of the organization Number of employees:1 , latest annual turnover: 25.000

PIC number 879621512

Aims and activities of the organisation

Entorns aims to promote contemporary art in rural settings by providing a dedicated space for visual and applied arts. The organization facilitates a unique exchange between artists, designers, and local experts in mountain life. Emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and community engagement, Entorns actively contributes to artistic democratization and the professionalization of the sector.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project partner

Sector or field Design, visual arts, arts and technology, comunity arts

Description or summary of the proposed project

This creative space and artistic residence, situated in the

Catalan Pyrenees, was established to address the need for

promoting contemporary art in rural areas, aiming to

decentralize it from urban centers. The mission revolves around providing a free and collaborative space for artists, designers, and research professionals, fostering an exchange with local inhabitants who possess expertise in mountain life, materials, professions, and stories. The project is guided by the principles of artistic democratization, professionalization of the sector,

and the integration of culture within the local territory.

Preferred field of expertise The intersection of visual arts and contemporary applied arts with a specific focus on sustainability, innovation, and community projects.

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Visual art, design, working with materials and comunity art



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