Association of Hungarian Journalists (MUOSZ)



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Both Topics

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Association of Hungarian Journalists (MUOSZ)



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József László ([email protected])

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non-governmental organisation

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2200 members

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Aims and activities of the organisation 

A non-profit organization that acts in the public interest. With its history going back to 1896 and its membership consisting of journalists, editors, photographers, cartoonists, designers, and PR experts, it is Hungary’s oldest and largest media entity. The Hungarian Press Photography Competition and Exhibition, which has been running for more than four decades, is the association’s most influential event. It performs professional, advocacy, educational and cultural activities to defend the values of democracy, the freedom to inform and be informed. Quality education is provided through the Bálint György Journalism Academy. Its headquarter is not only home to media events, but also one of Budapest’s training and cultural venue.

MUOSZ mobilizes a network of individual journalists for on-the-ground implementation of information measures in Hungary. Simultaneously, a dissemination network comprising various media outlets collaborates to ensure widespread coverage and distribution of editorial content. This dynamic network ensures a broad reach and effective communication of project outcomes.

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project partner

Previous EU grants received

Ethical and Professional Media Environment for the Central and Eastern Europe (EthProMedE)

Sector or field

-Media trainings,

-Advocacy and democratic values,

-Content publishing,

-Fake news detection and counteraction,


Description or summary of the proposed project

MUOSZ, as a participant in the Creative Europe project, aligns its objectives with the specific goal of promoting policy cooperation and innovative actions to support a diverse, independent, and pluralistic media environment. Within the cross-sectoral strand of the program, MUOSZ aims to address structural and technological changes in the media sector, emphasizing a free, diverse, and quality journalism environment, along with promoting media literacy, especially in the digital landscape.

MUOSZ's involvement focuses on supporting cross-cutting actions to address challenges faced by the media sector. This includes promoting an independent and pluralistic media environment, supporting monitoring for assessing risks to media pluralism and freedom, and conducting awareness-raising activities. Additionally, MUOSZ works to enhance media production standards through cooperation, digital skills development, cross-border collaborative journalism, and the creation of quality content, contributing to professional ethics in journalism.

MUOSZ's engagement in the Creative Europe project is geared towards fostering a resilient, diverse, and quality-oriented media landscape, addressing challenges faced by the European news media sector through collaborative efforts and partnerships.

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Across EU and from eligible countries 

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Journalism, Publishing, Trainings

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14 February 2024

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Journalism, Publishing, Trainings

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