Call CREA-1-2025-1-DE-CULT-COOP1 (we want partners for the future 2025 call)

Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects


Country SPAIN

Organisation website https://www.jacarilla.es/

Contact person VÍCTOR LÓPEZ, [email protected]

Organisation type Public organization. Town Hall.

Scale of the organization Around 20-30 employees

PIC number 882588063

Aims and activities of the organisation

Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of the Local

Regime. Article 25.2.m) Promotion of culture and cultural


Role of the organisation in the project

Project partner

Previous EU grants received

Next Generation grants.

Sector or field Performing arts, cultural heritage, music, literature, architecture, arts and technology

Description or summary of the proposed project

I. We want to promote the folklore music of Spain,

with music bands. We are also open to other types

of promotion of culture.

II. Unite music and pedagogy. Specialized music

courses. One or two weeks each, with renowned

instrument teachers - from higher conservatories in Europe - and alternating study in the morning-afternoon with recreational activities in the afternoon-evening. Among young people aged 14-30 with all instruments. Learning music and values, people from all countries integrated immediately...

The cost should range between 300-500 euros per

student. With that they covered the monitors,

accommodation, the instrument teachers... the

facilities were usually given by the town councils or

the bands. CREATE-1-2025-1-DE-CULT-COOP1.

There would be mobility (objective 1) of artists -

conservatory professors, artists of recognized

prestige... - it would be focused on the target of

youth and we could even focus it so that students

who do not have economic possibilities, immigrants

(priority 2) participate. Focus it on a 24-36 month

schedule, where courses can be taken in Europe

during the summer periods. Perhaps between 3-4 countries, about 10-20 events could be held.

III. Other projects related to music, culture, etc. We are

open to new projects.

Partners currently involved in the project

Unión Musical de Jacarilla. PIC 879466021

Preferred field of expertise Music, Culture.

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Traditional music

Popular music

Audience development with rural communities

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