"Pozoriste lektira" / “Theatre reading”

Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Category 1 – Small scale projects

Deadline: European cooperation call 2019/ november 2018

Cultural operator(s): "Pozoriste lektira" / “Theatre reading”

Short description:

“Theatre reading” is created according to the idea of the celebrated actor Ivan Jevtovic who i cooperation with his colleagues Milena Nikolic and Dejan Jajcanin begins work on the founding of a new theater that will have an educational character and will be named after tha professor of the Faculty of dramatic art, dr. Vladimir Jevtovic. For the first season, the theater chooses a school lecture as a topic. In cooperation with professors of literature, the selected works are dramatized, and then the performances are created in accordance with the editing of the proofreaders according to plan and program. It is planned that every performance of the play will be followed by a workshop in which the audience, in this case the students, will have the opportunity to actively discuss with the actors and professors of Serbian language and literature. Students will express their thoughts on the theater noler-literary work, and what they have seen on the scene, will have the ability to select certain scenes that they want to look at again or to change them as directors, and that professional actors play them according to their indications, all in the goal of answering the questions asked and the adequate understanding and analysis of a particular literary work. In the era of modern communications, a large percentage of young people are defocused and alienated from traditional artistic techniques and values, and often from innumerable unclassified programs, they select inadequate quasi-artistic content subjected to primary sensory sensations. Reading literary and intellectual texts is maximally avoided and is considered hard and boring. Strenuous because it requires full intellectually-emotional capacity, and boring because there are no other sensory incentives. Adolescents narrow their aspects, lose motivation, and the dictionary becomes scarce and completely jargon. It is necessary to start them and offer them new models and ways of learning and discovering, which is one of the main goals of this project. We are inviting young people and their education about the importance of literacy, reading and nice speech through the work on theater performances. We are trying to learn the correct behavior patterns and the discovery of the importance of communication and interpersonal cooperation in the development of young people. No cultural institution has so far linked its existence to a school program like this. Because it’s starting point is that teachers are crucial subjects for the survival and development of our cultural life. And that the school is the backbone of our entire society, and the theater that should be, among other things, its mirror.

Contact details:

Milena Nikolic




Field(s): Performing arts, Theatre, Education, Audience Development


We would like to take part in Creative Europe projects as a partner. We are looking for a theater or organization that works with young people. The motive of this project is to use the theater play and drama workshop as communication models to gather this future elite around the things that connect them and which are close to them. A seemingly painful, heavy and boring school lecture could become an ideal polygon for mutual understanding, encouraging creative thinking and learning. We believe that this young people are quite aware of the time and space in which they are living. It is necessary to encourage them to think that their personal and creative engagement can influence changes in their own community. The aim of this project is to address young people about the importance of literacy, reading and fine speech through work on theater performances.

We also aim at learning the correct patterns of behavior and revealing the importance of communication and interpersonal cooperation in the development of young people. It is necessary to raise awareness and need for the cultural development of the individual for the general well-being of the community.

Finally, the goal is to debate things that are common to us and present in everyday life. Debates are an opportunity to look at similarities and differences, and by the sharing an experience to make an exchange of opinions. This project also aims to encourage teachers and professors to introduce modern methods in teaching. They actively involve students in to the work, which explains their creativety and imagination, which is actually the goal of modern teaching. It is important to make young people closer to art and our main goal is that these young people have an insight to the whole process of creating a play from the creation of a literary work to the performance of it, in which they are an active part. At the end, one of the goals is the activation of artists from all spheres of art (visual, musical, applied, dramatic etc.) in education and affirmation of young people, not only as audiences, but also as performers in performances, workshops, etc.

Countries: All eligible countries

Profile: Institutions or organization interested in work with young people and audience development in preforming arts, Universities and educational organizations.

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