Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

Athens, Greece

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation Projects

Deadline: September 2019

Cultural operator: Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall (Greece)

Short description

Founded in 1981, The Athens Concert Hall Organization is a non-profit-making organization, a creative arena for cultural and educational activities, an arts centre organized along contemporary lines to promote the role of culture in the community. 

We are committed to ensuring that all events staged at the Concert Hall are of the highest quality. The programmes consist largely but by no means exclusively of classical music and opera, complemented by more contemporary compositions, works from around the world, music by younger composers, Greek music of course, as well as dance, theatre, cinema and the visual arts. Through our themed series of events, known as Megaron Plus, and through the work of the Lilian Voudouri Music Library, as well as a wide range of other educational programmes and activities, we hope to provide a valuable service appealing to young people and audiences from outside the capital city. In this context we have also inaugurated the project “annexM”, which is a newly established center for fine arts, opening our doors to contemorary creation. 

Contact details

Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

Vass.Sophias & Kokkali

Athens 115 21

+30 210 7282000

Box office:+30 210 7282333

Proposed Creative Europe project 

Fields: Classical music, opera, theatre and dance


We are very interested in collaborating in artistic projects that have to do with classical music, theater, opera and dance, which are our main fields of activity. In addition to the classical works that are at the heart of Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall activity, we are interested in opening up to contemporary creation, to new art forms, experimental and innovative, at artistic level, new technologies’ level etc. For example, we recently hosted the 3d opera “Blank Out”, which can only be watched with special glasses. It was an opera for soprano, baritone, chorus, and 3D film, a high-tech spectacle using innovative techniques and electronic music so that image and physical presence are in perfect unison. We are also very interested in actions for people with special needs. Opening our doors to these audiences is one of our strategic goals. The variety of events that Megaron hosts is very wide and it’s not possible to mention everything, but you can see our events here. Our main concern regarding our cultural projects is their artistic value and the high quality.  

Partners searched

Countries: All countries 

Preferred profile: Concert Halls, Operas, Conservatories, Orchestras, Theatres and other institutions interested in cooperating in the field of classical music, opera, theatre and dance and are open to discover new creative worlds. 

What kind of projects are you interested in participating in? We are interested in participating in projects that have educational purposes for both children and adult or vulnerable social groups (i.e. elderly, disabled people). In addition, we are interested in projects dealing with innovation in the field of cultural production and especially in relation to our fields of activity (classical music, opera, theater, dance) as well as collaborative projects that promote and exploit the cultural repository in the fields mentioned above.

Project Scale: We are internested in small scale cooperation projects


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