“Georgian Design & Artists” Association

Bucharest, Romania

Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme: Culture (cooperation projects)

Deadline of the strand: 2019

Cultural operator: Asociatia “Georgian Design & Artistii” / “Georgian Design & Artists” Association

Short description

Established in 2017, the cultural association "Georgian Design & Artistii" aims to collaborate with organizations from other countries in order to promote Romanian artists in the field of music. The aim of the project is to encourage, support and develop the creativity of young artists / singers. Because we do not fulfill the condition of being a leader in a project that will be submitted through the Creative Europe funding program, we will request a partnership for this project, which will have the end date of June 2019 submission, with implementation starting in 2020. The project will involve a network of cultural promotion associations for young artists as well as for those who are dedicated. Because some of the founding members have graduated from a music and arts school, everything we try to do is from passion and dedication to music and art. The Association of Dating in Portfolio 10 honorary members in the name of well-known artists, appreciated in the field of quality music in Romania. The Romanian artists were promoted to radio stations in Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Italia where hits from their repertoire were also broadcast. We are looking for future trustworthy partners, alongside which we grow organically, to provide mutual support in our work, partners with whom we firstly want to work in the long run. Our association promotes quality and not quantity, so it brings together a premium audience. Apart from the involvement of the Georgian Design & Artists Association in projects funded by the European Commission, we analyzed the possibility of organizing a show with Romanian artists in 2019. If you want to make a partnership with our organization in the performance of this concert, we are waiting for you. This show is intended to be a concert, performed in the form of a fusion of Romanian pop music with the Latin one, with the help of musical instruments, orchestras and a conductor. The story will continue with our artists and viewers!

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Project Fields: Music, Theater, Cultural activities involving young people with disabilities


We seek international partners for a joint project under the Creative Europe Program, involving the presentation of music performances.

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Countries: All eligible countries

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