Madrid, Spain

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category Cooperation – Small or Large Scale (to be decided)

Deadline Expected: November/December 2019

Cultural operator

Name: Azarte

Short description

Azarte is a theater, a performing arts school, and a producer of cultural performances, located in the center of Madrid, in the lively and diverse neighborhood of Chueca.

Since its creation in 2010 until 2018 it has achieved the following results:

- 200 plays programmed

- 26 plays produced by Azarte

- 2.800 performances 

- 500 regular courses and workshops, taught by 300 professionals and attended by 6.000 students.

Azarte’s vision is not only to produce quality cultural material, but also to empower artists and all those involved in the creative process. We offer not only physical space to rehearse and show the productions, but also training and tools to help artists produce their own plays and found their own companies. 

It is in that context that the need for CULTPLAT has risen: digital tools are needed to facilitate faster, more diverse and cross-national projects to thrive.  

AZarte is a member of the network of alternative performance spaces of Spain. 

AZarte team members have an international background and experience working in European projects.

Contact details

Gonzalo Figuera

+34 661 669 731


Fields: Theatre / Dance / Music / Film, Video / Decorative arts / Graphic design / Creative writing / Festivals / Artist empowerment / Interdisciplinar

(with e.g. Context, Objectives, Impact/results, Activities, Targeted public…)


We want to build and test CULTPLAT: a pan-european (and global) digital platform that will: 

1) facilitate the production, distribution and documentation of cultural live performances.

2) develop audiences, and in particular facilitate contact and interactions between audience, artists and performances.

The project will therefore involve capacitation, networking and demonstration activities between all partners.

CULTPLAT is intended to be an open platform, to be used by all interested shareholders.


capacity building through digitization, transnational mobility of artists, audience development. 

Concept resume: 

The project consists in the creation of a digital platform to be used by all stakeholders involved in a cultural production: artists, technicians, authors, cultural venues, programmers, teachers and trainers, festivals, academia, and audiences. 

 The platform will allow stakeholders to upload their profiles, together with their work, both past and future. 

• Past works will function as a portfolio archive, and as a track record of audiences

• Regarding future work, the platform will serve as a directory and matching network, allowing participants to interact, find collaborators, spaces, and distribution channels 

To demonstrate the concept, the project will organize bi-yearly festivals, that will require a minimum number of international participants. There will be a competitive system to select the most attractive proposals, that will receive residency grants to meet at different European cities to produce and perform the performances. 

Partners searched

Countries: All EU member states and eligible associated countries


Performance venues, Cultural Centres, training centres, universities, festivals, networks/associations of cultural sector professionals … willing to either co-develop or to test and use the CULTPLAT platform to organize productions, share professional profiles of artists and other participants, or participate in capacitation, networking and demonstration activities. 

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