Passeurs d’images

Paris, France

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperative, small-scale project

Deadline: 2019

Cultural operator: Passeurs d’images

Short description

Non-for-profit organization that promote networking and innovation and development projects on image and film education. We run out-of-school-hours programs on image and film education, essentially intended for groups out-of-touch with existing cultural provision (disadvantaged city youth, country dwellers…). Since September 2019, our organization will also run the scholar programs “Ecole et cinema” et “Collège et cinema”.  

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Fields: Image and film education; cultural mediation; social inclusion trough culture; migration


At a time when Europe is receiving extraordinary numbers of refugees and migrants, one of the keys to ensure the social, cultural, political and economic integration of the new arrivals is intercultural dialogue. Images are « a language without borders » which allow to get over the language and stereotype barriers, to promote the exchange trough creativity and cultural processes and to raise public awareness on migrant issues. 

Nowadays, images are increasingly hybrids, plurals, digitals, so we intend to approach the migratory issue in this new context. We will initiate and support the production of multidisciplinary artistic collaborative projects related to the image, bringing together migrant people and host country populations. The aim is to elaborate a project methodology to increase capacity building of cultural mediation, social inclusion and image professionals. 

Looking for Partners 

Profile: Organizations and structures bringing together experts on image education and cultural mediation with migrants/refugees and social inclusion through culture (specially photo and digital creation). 


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