Province of Liege – Culture Department

Brussels, Brlgium

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation project

Deadline: End of September 2019

Cultural operator: Province of Liege – Culture Department

Short description

Local intermediate public authority active in developing local and transnational cultural projects. Thanks to its knowledge of the situation on the cultural ground and its network of local and international stakeholders, the Culture Department has a useful expertise and hands-on experience and is in a position to take part in cultural transnational projects, involved for many years in crossborder cultural collaborations.

As a tool of growth and individual development, Liege Province’s Culture Department takes into account changes in society by integrating them in a process of analysis and reflection and pursues an active proximity policy, characterized by its openness towards others and its flexibility in its interventions. That’s why the Province of Liege acts as a mediator by

- investing itself in specific areas of cultural activities : culture is a powerful driver for development, with community-wide social, economic and environmental impacts ;

- supporting the creative activity in all its forms and promoting interdisciplinary : a wide range of cultural sectors are supported by the Department of Culture, from comics to music of any kind, from contemporary art to design ;

- by bringing together all the local and European key stakeholders on creative and innovative cultural projects.

Its main priorities are mainly :

- to encourage the audience development and to promote wider access to culture through cultural mediation and information work ;

- to provide financial and technical support to artists, cultural operators, local and international cultural events organization ;

- to promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and to encourage the mobility of the cultural players, in particular artists ;

- to foster the collaboration between the various cultural disciplines and between the cultural sector and others at a local and European level.

Contact details

M. Julian Huls –European Funds Department

Rue du Vertbois 13A 4000 Liege BELGIUM

Phone: + 32 4 237 92 37

Mail 1 :


Field: Music


The Province of Liege is interested in taking part in an European project as a project partner to support live music venues, to foster transnational circulation of emerging European music artists and to help them to develop their career.

The Province of Liege has created a musical support programme covering all musical genres (jazz, world, rock, pop, hip hop, electro, contemporary music) : studio recording, professional training advice, coaching sessions, workshops. This programme is intended to support young bands, authors, composers, only for original compositions. All applicants are selected by a panel of professional musical players. The objective is to improve their musical skills and their capacity-building to develop their career (thematic workshops, residencies, networking). In the end, this programme could help the musicians to prepare their recordings.

The Province of Liege has recently participated in the restoration of an old building built in the 1950s. This new building will become a popular concert venue with high capacity : 2 concert halls, one for 1.500 people (standing) and the other one for 350 people. Up until 2019, the Province of Liege benefited from significant and technical support from partner concert halls. Its music department will set up its quarters on the site of this brand new building, which will allow the Province of Liege to provide a suitable place to develop its musical support programme : three broadcast rooms available to organize residences, spacious recording studios and concert halls to bring the music to a wider audience.

Partners searched

Countries: Any other EU countries

Profile: Public authorities, music festival, concert hall, etc.

They are interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner, but only in a Creative Europe project focused on music

What kind of projects are you interested in participating in?

Any kind of European project focused on music and emerging artists in order to support live music venues, to foster transnational circulation of emerging European music artists and to help them to develop their career

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