Lesvos Island, Greece

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation Project

Deadline: 30/12/2019

Cultural operator: Collage CONNECT PEOPLE - Greece

Short description

Collage CONNECT PEOPLE (CCP) is a non-profit organization that was established in February 2019 and has carried out several art exhibitions, handcut collage projects, video creation projects, life coaching – mental health seminars and charity events with the participation of artists from all over Greece and some other Europe countries. Furthermore,CCP organization promotes the moto: 'Collage art connect people'. Lesvos island is the place where all our events take place in established meeting points for culture in Mytilene, Lesvos and sometimes in Athens. Its ambition is to provide the audience with major cultural events and develop artistic feeling and servicesSome of our activities include:

• Group or individual art exhibitions.

• Handcut collage creation projects

• Charity events

• Workshops

• Seminars

• Video – Documentary production – exhibition

• Lectures

Contact details

Maidanos Ioannis - Msc Cultural Informatics and Communication – Collage Artist +306957943035

Katsimiga Ioanna - Life Coacher, Mental health councelor, Graphic designer +306983237914

Proposed Creative Europe project 

Fields: Art – Culture – Solidarity


We intend to organize a polymorphic festival in Lesvos - Greece island . Our aim is to showcase some types of artistic creation and promote intercultural dialogue and exchange. We are interested in hosting collage art, and photo exhibitions,video installations, art workshops lectures and performances. Part of our plan is to organize an artistic workshop, learning seminar where the guests (also refugees and other vulnerable groups) of the festival are going to get acquainted through a unique multiculture art method and enjoy hospitality of these special island .  

Partners searched

Countries: All eligible countries

Preferred profile

We are looking to be partners in such a festival and collaborate with organizations, which have past experience in co-hosting international cultural festivals and are able to sustain this type of projects.

Are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


What kind of projects are you interested in participating in?

Art, culture, video and mental health for vulnerable groups (art therapy) projects

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