Latvian Operetta Foundation


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Strand/category: Support to European Cooperation Projects 2019

Cultural operator

Name and country: Latvian Operetta Foundation, Latvia

Short description

The Latvian Operetta Foundation, initiated in 2013, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop the operetta genre in Latvia. The main purpose of the organization is to reestablish a professional State Operetta and Musical Theater with the complete troupe, orchestra and its own theater house in Riga. Latvian Operetta Foundation is the only institution in Latvia which purposely developed this genre. Despite the lack of state support, over the course of 7 years we have accomplished a lot. A troupe of over 120 professionals – soloists, choir, orchestra has been established. To this day four new operettas have been produced, as well as two musicals for children and more than 20 concert programs in various forms. We have established the International Operetta Festival in Iksškķ ile. Our troupe has performed over 100 plays and concerts which have attracted over 100 000 spectators in Riga as well as other places in Latvia. Each stage production includes over 80 artists (around 25 artists for childrens musicals). Our shows are performed in various locations and concert halls, but the goal that we are actively working towards is finding a place of our own in Riga.

Our Vision: To develop as a professional and highly valued part of the classical music and musical theater culture in Latvia and Europe.

Our Mission: A progressively thinking professional artistic collective, rich in traditions, that offers aesthetically pleasing, emotional true and unforgettable artistic enjoyment to our audience and brings Latvian talents back to the stage of Latvia.

Our Goal: To enrich and cultivate the value of operetta as a genre, opening diverse and broad options of artistic development, by improving both individual and collective performances in our troupe; to promote the genre of operetta in Latvia and abroad. The highest value of an operetta is the beautiful classical music. It is a democratic, youthful and charming genre, that includes a positive story and human values, it is an event where different thinking and cultural desires come together. Operetta can encourage the new generation to fall in love with the stage art. Research and experience has shown that there is an audience for Operetta in Latvia, whose growing interest strengthens our belief that what we have started must be continued!

Contact details

Project manager – Agija Ozolinķ a-Kozlovska,

Our office:

Valķnķ u street 9-5, Riga, LV-1050

Phone: (+371) 25123145


Proposed Creative Europe project

Fields: Classical music, opera, operetta, musical education, festivals


We are looking to be partners (not the leading partner) in a cooperation project in the classical music and musical theater field.

Our main areas of interest:

- Live performances, artist exchange;

- Creative outlets and combining of different genres and art forms, starting with operetta and musical theater (with the exception of classical opera), that is our traditional style, to more modern music, performances, digital art, visual arts, etc.

- Participation in festivals, bringing artists from all around the world to our International Operetta Festival in Latvia;

- Educational programs and workshops, opportunities and development of new talents;

- Creation of an international platform/network for organizations that work in musical theater and operetta genre, that will allow easier connections in the future;

- We are working on a project of creating a new operetta abut a significant historical person and the time period when the country of Latvia was created. We are looking forward to opportunities to take this operetta abroad. Also we are interested in bringing musical theater plays of historical and cultural significance from other countries to Latvia;

- Working with audiences, focusing on attracting more youth to the genre of operetta and classical music.

Partners searched

Countries: All eligible countries

Preferred profile

Any organization in the field of classical music, operetta, musical theater and classical music festivals, musical education organizations

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