ANO Festival


Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation Projects 2020 – Smaller Scale

Deadline: 27 November 2019

Cultural operator: ANO FESTIVAL (organized by the Catholic Bishopry of Syros and the Syros Greek Catholic Association)

Short description

The “ANO” International Organ Festival is a fairly new cultural event. It was first organized in 2017 but, on an annual basis the events of the ANO Festival spread as follows: ANO EAR (March), ANO PRO (June), ANO FESTIVAL (August) and ANO CHRISTMAS (December).

With a view to showcasing the pipe organ housed in St. George’s Cathedral in Ano Syros and, at the same time, revive the Ano Syros medieval settlement, the Roman Catholic Bishopry of Syros and the Syros Greek Catholic Association have been organizing he “ANO” International Organ Festival since 2017. The Festival’s program of events includes concerts, lectures, viewings of the pipe organ and tours of the Ano Syros medieval settlement.

In a very short period of time, the only Festival that takes place entirely in Ano Syros is now a remarkable case study of a cultural event that has managed to highlight and make the best possible use of the cultural heritage of the place hosting it. Starting with the partial overhaul of the Church of St. George's Church (2016), it succeeded - after months of preparation and masterful presentation - to turn a decomposed historical heirloom into a potential attraction for the ever-growing fan of the "King of instruments".

Contact details

Mr. Charis Vekris

ANO Festival Executive Director

+30 6946 398036

Ms Theodora Avgoulidou

Creative Europe Project Development

+30 6947 707203


Field(s): Festivals / Music / Artist empowerment / Audience Development / Young Artists / Audio /


(Current) Project Title: OR.F.EU.S. (Organ Festivals in EUropean Seas)

With the aim of expanding its audience and co-developing its activities with other festivals and organisations, the ANO Festival aims to launch a network of organ festivals held on islands and coastal areas of the European Union through a project submitted for co-funding by the Creative Europe Programme. The project applicant has attracted the vivid interest of organ festivals from Mediterranean countries, however, the interest of additional festivals and other cultural operators is desired in order to set up an even stronger network to meet the project objectives.

The network could be named OR.F.EU.S., standing for ORgan Festivals in EUropean Seas.

The network’s main objective is to exchange know-how between the artists and the cultural managers of the above events. Based on the exchange of knowledge, experience and cultural creation, a detailed but non-exhaustive list of the project’s activities is:

• A weekend presentation of the network’s festivals and proposals on its development by the representatives of the festivals.

• Concerts presenting composers from the network’s countries.

• Residence programme for young composers (under 30 years) from the network’s countries, who will stay at Syros Catholic Diocese's hostel, with the aim of composing works for organ that will be targeted to a younger audience.

• Concerts / presentation of the best compositions above at all the festivals of the network and CD recording.

• Network’s web page that will present news and events for organ at the network’s countries.

Partners searched

Countries: EU member states and eligible associated countries

Profile: Festivals / other Cultural Operators


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