Centre of Early Childhood Intervention VOINICEL

Chisinau, Moldova

Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme

Support for European Cooperation Projects

Cultural operator: Centre of Early Childhood Intervention VOINICEL

Short description

VOINICEL NGO, created in 2003, is a non-profit, organisation aiming to improve life quality of vulnerable children and their family members by providing Early Childhood Development services. The transdisciplinary team provides professional, family focused services for 0-4 years old children, from medical, social, psychological, behavioral, universal access perspective. 

A team of experts are also involved in capacity building of regional professionals, research and other academic work.

Contact details

Address: Drumul Taberei 2/A street, MD-2008, Chisinau, Moldova

E-mail: danielabordeianu.voinicel@gmail.com, info@voinicel.md


Phone numbers: 0 373 76708060, 0 373 22 22-49-36 


Fields: Music therapy/Parent’s empowerment and Transdisciplinary work Education


We support Early Childhood Development of young children from all over the country, including economic and social vulnerable families, disabled children. Besides social and medical support, we wish to address Early Childhood Development from artistic point of view, for example using music therapy and instruments in development of children and support for parents/siblings. Also we wish to attract and involve professional dancers in working with children and parents. Using Art in development and creative stress relief has immediate positive effect. We also wish to empower and educate parents, siblings and society in general through this project.

Partners searched

Countries: All EU member states and eligible associated countries.

Profile: Art (and if possible social-medical) entities working with children and their parents/siblings


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