DMO Albania

Tirana, Albania

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperative, small-scale project

Deadline: On going

Cultural operator(s): DMO Albania 

Short description: DMO Albania is a nonprofit Destination Managing and Marketing Organization, based in Tirana. Our mission is to promote Albania by highlighting and marketing the rich diversity, history, landscape, and culture of each city and region in the country. VisitTirana was the first brand launched to promote the capital. Properties include the tourism website portal and promotion branded channels through Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and youTube. is a unique platform targeting English-speaking tourists and expats residing in Tirana, Albania. It is a central hub for all things Tirana featuring blog posts from locals on Attractions, Events, Eat & Drink, Arts & Culture, and City Tours. It also hosts a comprehensive database to search on, which is incredibly valuable because many local business don’t have a website, google business entry, or marketing in English. Visit Tirana is THE resource boosting tourism. The brand is the most sophisticated and mature marketing ecosystem available in the capital. The success and popularity with social followers and tourism organizations created a formula that can help other cities thrive. DMO Albania aims to play a key role in long-term development of a city or region by formulating an effective travel and tourism strategy. Additional projects are currently underway such as Visit Gjirokastra and promoting Lake Ohrid region. With DMO Albania, a vibrant tourism scene for festivals, arts & culture, and sporting events will continue to unfold in an effort to increase tourism in this beautiful country.

Contact details:Eva Kushova – DMO Albania Director:

Mob :+355 69 20 78 552 ; email:;

Alma Gerxhani – DMO Albania Board Member:

Mob : +355 6920 81128 ; email: 

Amanda Mailey – DMO Albania Strategic Partnerships Consultant:

Email :


Field(s): Art- Photography and Tourism 

Title: Tirana Photo Festival, an annual event to promote the capital of Tirana through the art of photography

Description Tirana Photo Festival aims to promote Tirana through the art of the photography, to celebrate the arts and culture community, to increase tourism, and to educate the young generation about photography with the love for their country. This is the first time any photo festival has been held in Tirana. The 7-day event starts 1 November at National History Museum and continues until 7 November with exhibits, photography workshops, and forums. This project was the finalization of 7 social media photo contests in two years, every season, with certain hashtag such as: #TiranaSpring2017; TiranaSummer2017; TiranaAutumn2017; #TiranaWinter2017, #tiranaSpring2018 etc. collecting more than 7000 beautiful photos from the Tirana region. 3 winners will be announced with prizes, 90 photos will be exhibited, and a beautiful photobook will be published.

Countries: throughout Europe. Especially nearby countries to the event: Albania, Italy, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece  

Profile: With small financial support from Tirana Municipality this year, DMO Albania is organizing this big festival to include all contest participants in a great event to celebrate the art of photography. This is just the beginning. Our goal is to turn it into a national yearly event the community, artists, businesses, and tourists will look forward to attending. This is why, we’re looking for additional sponsors, donors, and partners to contribute to the financial budget and event success. Funds raised will attract the best professional photographers to participate in forums and talks as well as known artists from different countries to show their exhibitions in Tirana. Funds will also be dedicated to raising event awareness and seek to turn it into a national competition that extends beyond Tirana. We want to elevate Tirana as a hub for photography, including featuring a photography market in the Skanderbeg square and many more events. Opportunities are endless with the right partners.

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