Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation Projects, Creative Europe (culture, education, theatre, music, audiovisual productions and festivals, etc.)

Cultural operator: OKTANA – CASA DE CULTURA s.l.

Short description

Oktana- Casa de Cultura is based in Barcelona and Andalucia (Spain). Our goal is the promotion of culture and social awakeness on different topics. Our main activities include the organisation of cultural activities, festivals, expositions and competitions with participants from Spain and abroad. We are also involved in the production and promotion of audiovisual material (docuentaries, short firms, online series, etc.) We organise as well, educational courses and seminars. We can communicate in Spanish, English, Greek and French. We are very interested to participate as partners in European projects on challenging topics that lay within the interests of our company. Depending on the needs of each project, seminars, courses, festivals and fairs, presentations, awareness campaings, video productions, brochures, translation services and other relevant activities can be

offered by OKTANA in more than one Spanish city. We have long experience with european projects and their

implementation and we know influential people in the cultural sector. OKTANA has a wide circle of partners who have extended experience in the organisation of musical, theatrical and dance events, as well as international festivals, both in Europe and the USA. We also count with the services of a Spanish audiovisual production brand that has made several documentaries and online series. We would like to know more about the project you are planning and see how we can collaborate to make it possible.

Contact details

Juan Jose Lopez, Anna Ellina

Email: i nfo@oktanacultura.com

Webpage: http://www.oktanacultura.com/


Fields: Culture, Education, Theatre, Music, Audiovisual productions and festivals, Expositions, etc.


OKTANA- CASA DE CULTURA is open for collaboration as partner in projects regarding cultural exchange and events (including music, theatre and art), audiovisual productions and expositions, as well as educational european projects.

Partners searched

Countries: All eligible countries


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