Andys Skordis Composer

Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: European cooperation projects

Deadline: October 15th 2019

Cultural operator: Andys Skordis Composer Gelsersekade 24 b, Amsterdam 1012bh KVK 61529443

Short description

The company organizes and collaborates with international festivals, projects, and artists. It is focused on producing contemporary opera pieces, promoting contemporary music, and mobility of the artists.

Contact details

Jelena Vuksanovic


Field: Contemporary opera



Redefining the mythic worlds through contemporary opera

“Gods among us” is a collaborative project for the production of two contemporary operas between three European cultural organizations. It aims to promote the mobility of European artists through the means of educational workshops, professional engagement, and audience development.

This project will span within 40 months and it is designed to form a collaborative ground to create new pieces of art, and a platform where professional and amateur artists can meet and work together. The outcome of this project will reach an audience from different age groups, social classes, and background, with the ultimate goal of presenting opera as a natural happening in society; outside the elitist context, it is usually performed and accessible to everyone.

We have a National Opera of Athens, Greece as one of the partners. We have the program, methodology, material, and text done. Depending on the partners and their needs it would need to be adjusted. Budget is also roughly done. Most of the things are done, they need to be finalized only.

Countries: All countries participating in the Creative Europe programme.


We are searching for a partner who would like to be a leader of the project.

Theatre houses, opera houses, concert halls, cultural centers with capacities to host this kind of a project. We are also open for profiling the project together with the interested partners, so please contact us if you have interest in this kind of a project.


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