Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: European cooperation projects

Deadline: October 15th 2019

Cultural operator: PHONES:ON – new music with smartphones: Concert/Workshops/Labs

Short description

We are ready to take our project PHONES:ON further, and organize international workshops, labs and concerts where composers, sound artists, performers, creative coders and app developers would work together to create new music pieces for performers and audience with smartphones. With this project we create positive effect on spreading and developing future audience, promote cultural exchange and create a platform for new patents and discoveries of creative potential of smartphone as a device (promo video:

Contact details

ZABUNA association +381642244373 Artistic Director: Maja Bosnić


Fields: Music, Concert, Workshop, Lab, Performance Art, Contemporary Music, Creative Coding, App Developing, Smartphones, Audience Engagement


PHONES:ON is an interactive concert of new music and sound installations that all allow or specifically require different ways of using smartphones in the performance. Thus, smartphones serve as a source of sound, display scores, send and receive instructions, conduct, play music, illuminate the performer’s faces, take photos, play videos and use various applications. Audience also takes part in some of the works, using their phones and following instructions shown on stage. The show was premiered in the hall of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra in Belgrade on 27th June 2019. It caused an amazing interest of the public media and attracted large and new audience to premiers of new and experimental music works. Now, we are ready to travel to other exciting

festivals of new music, new media, performance and sound art, help attracting and developing bigger audiences in diverse communities and create platforms for further development of the usage of smartphones in creative practices.

In every place we perform the PHONES:ON concert, we would like to open an international call for artists, performers and coders who would work together in a one-week workshop/lab and create new music works and performances for musicians and audience with smartphones. Therefore, we would connect artists and coders around Europe to work together towards new digital solutions in creative practices and attract bigger audience to new music concerts in various different locations, settings and communities around Europe.

Looking for Partners

Countries: Whole Europe


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