Urban Development Center

Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: European cooperation projects

Deadline: November 27th 2019

Cultural operator: Urban Development Center

Short description

Urban Development Center is a non-government organization specializing in urban and social innovation. UDC is dedicated to culture, technology, and innovation by implementing projects and programs in the fields of urban development, new media, artistic creation, cultural heritage, environment, and education. Website: www.udc.rs

Urban Development Center was established in 2006 as a result of the “Belgrade” project, presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2006, received numerous awards and recognitions, with an aim to promote the Capital of Serbia. By now we had a lot of experinece in Creative Europe program, especialy in promoting Cultural Heritage through digitization and in devoloping new methodologies for education of young people:

Past projects:

UNDERГРАД (UnderCity) – cultural heritage -Exploration, documenting, and presentation of Belgrade underground facilities (passages, dungeons, caves), which can, after reconstruction, increase the overall cultural offer.This research shall provide information about the dynamic history of the city, and contribute to presentation of Belgrade`s cultural and historical heritage. Website: http://undergrad.rs/

Techcooltour - Techcooltour is a cross media platform created within the Tech Tour project with the aim of offering innovative and engaging experiences at archaeological locations and cultural heritage sites. Financed by EU Commission, the project “TECH-TOUR / Technology and Tourism: Augmented Reality for Roman and Byzantine itineraries” aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools and exploring new media potential in presentation of historical heritage. EU CIP -CompetitivenessandInnovation: 23/G/ENT/CIP/11/B/N02S008.

Website: http://techcooltour.com/en/

di:STORY - Digital Stories of Small Historic Towns - The overall project aim is to contribute to the attractiveness and accessibility of heritage for new digital audiences. In order to explore how small historic town’s heritage may be approached through digital media, the partners will organize international hackathons, events during which participants will get together to come up with inspiring solutions and ideas and realize digital projects.

Creative Europe (2016): Small scale cooperation projects - Project number 570405

ARCHEST - Partnership are made from four important archaeological sites from Ancient Roman period (Aquileia, Emona, Sirmium and Viminacium) , guided by different types institutions with common goal - improving presentation archaeological sites making 3D reconstruction with the application of a new approach and ways of communications with visitors. Creative Europe (2015): Small scalecooperation projects - Project number: 559385. Website: http://archest.eu/

Heritage Hubs - The project Heritage Hubs is aimed at supporting active participation of young people in defining, protecting and sustaining cultural heritage, as well as strengthening the European network of cultural heritage education actors. Website: https://heritagehubs.eu/sr/

UDC can collaborate, as partner, in the fields of digitisation of cultural contents (VR, AR, 3D, gamification,...), audience development, dissimination, improving skills among cultural actors and in education (trainings, workshops, hacatons...).

UDC has a large group of experts and supporters from various fields – history, art, archeology, anthropology, social sciences, economics, architecture, civil engineering, etc., who contribute through their participation to the Centers’ activities.

In addition, we have long-term cooperation with cultural institutions throughout Serbia such as: National Museum, Zajecar City Museum, Grocka Cultural Center, Museum of Science and Technology etc ...

Contact details


+381692259851, Marina Papovic


Fields: Tangible/intangible cultural heritage, digitization, creative industries, education


Urban Development Center is interested to be engaged as a partner in projects related to cultural cooperation, covering cultural heritage, new media, audience development and development of innovative educational methodology.

Looking for Partners

Countries: All eligible countries


We are looking for partners who share similar interests and ideas, including NGO’s, public and private bodies, cultural institutions, ICT’s, touristic organizations...


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