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Strand/category: Small Scale Cooperation projects

Deadline: December 2019

Cultural operator: Library & Service of Information, Digitization and Archive Management of the Cyprus University of Technology

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Cyprus University of Technology was established in 2004. It offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees. Its mission is to provide high-quality education and high-level training and to promote lifelong learning with modern pedagogical methods and to produce and disseminate scientific knowledge through research and teaching.

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Fields: Cultural heritage/ Modern technology / refugee and Immigrants of children


According to UNESCO, education could and must play an important role in the sensitization of the refugee problem. Art is an essential part of education and children express their feeling and what they experienced through their artworks.   The project aims to study the contemporary events of war and refugee as visually expressed in children’s artworks. A multidisciplinary analysis approach in the collection of the children’s artworks on war and refugee issues

can help to understand how these children experienced these circumstances and represent it through their artworks. Moreover, modern technology can help to analyze these works in addition to these, modern technology can assist to create educational material that will increase awareness of people what the refugees experienced and help so to reduce racism and people accept refugees as part of the society.


Countries: from any country, preferably: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Malta, Greece,  Serbia, Croatian, Slovenia, Bosnia–Herzegovina, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Iceland, Norway, Kosovo, Austria

Profile: Museums, Universities, Research Centers, NGO interested on this thematic (focusing on art and cultural education)


On our part, we have a record of about eight hundred children's artworks suggested for the above subject with appropriate digital recording. We strongly believe that a partner should have at least 150 children products in order to select qualitative samples for the project


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