Grande Cru

Warszawa, Poland

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation projects

Deadline: 27 NOV 2019

Cultural operator: Grande Cru

Short description

Grande Cru Sp. z o.o. provide high quality photo and film services. We are passionate about new technologies and creativity that can be unleash by it. Always looking for opportunities that allow to develop skillset. Skillset that include creativity in capturing new film and photo shoots. Licensed drone operators.

Contact details

2/21 Walewska St. Warszawa, Poland


Contact person: Olaf Sawajner


Phone: +48694869935


Fields: Architecture, Heritage, Photography, Multimedia, Interdisciplinary projects, Visual arts


I want to invite you for cooperation in “European Union City Lights” project. I don’t want to impose any conditions of potential cooperation.

For example in field of preparing exhibition. I believe that if the project will interest you – you will find by your own – the best field and piece of project that you would like to support.

I’m owner of Grande Cru Sp. Z o.o. company. I’m a photographer and filmmaker (people tend to say that – the good one, cause I was awarded in multiply film and photo contests), but I prefer to believe that I just have passion to look for the good frame and sometimes behind it is hidden deeper story.

My dream is “European Union City Lights” project realization. This project assume capturing 28 UE capitals. “Not - on so typical photos” – outstanding nigh photos from drones. Of course I’m an experienced drone operator – I have UAVO license that permit flying drones, I have also OC commercial worldwide insurance.

Project contains visiting 28 capitals and capturing beauty of each just after sunset – to capture in the frame full city illumination.

Products of “European Union City Lights” project will be a few:

1. Capitals popularization among many by creating internet gallery and voting in which citizens of UE will vote on the best photos. I assume to collect over 100 photos (minimum of final photos of every 28 capitals = over 112 photos).

2. Above voting will emerge 28 the best photos (1 photo from each country). The final step will be photography exhibition “European Union City Lights” where all photos will be presented. During exhibition there will be also a special film projection showing behind the scenes from project realization.

3. From created photo collection we will prepare and print special phot albums showing photos from each capital and information about each capital.

4. Project also assume printing of calendars with photos that will receive the biggest numbers in voting.

5. During exhibition there will be auction of chosen photos (large print dimensions) money collected in this way will be given on chosen charity foundation.

6. All photos will be digitalized and recorded in big resolution on DVD sets and given (1 set – 1 country) to culture and education ministry in each UE country with law of further multiplication and use in culture and education purposes. For example by giving schools, universities and educational departments possibility to projection and use in education process. Also such institutions as Houses of Culture will be able to use whole photo collection in theirs exhibitions.

7. There will be also web service available for everyone – where all photos will be presented with option to purchase chosen prints (photobook / calendar / big dimensions prints). Also on the page will be provided journal of whole project with information, data and so on.

Projects time frame assume around 21 months.

Stage 1: Preparing (3 months): collecting all necessary contacts and permits for drone flights, web page creation, obtaining sponsors and patrons, trip planning, collecting all necessary equipment.

Stage 2: Realization (8 months): trip and collecting all photos.

Stage 3: Post Production (6 months): post production process of each photo.

Stage 4: Voting (1 month): creating voting for UE citizens on Facebook and webpage.

Stage 5: Preparation (2 months): preparing to print and creating printings (calendars, photo albums, big dimensions photos for exhibition, invitations).

Stage 6: Exhibition (1 week)

Stage 7: Education and Culture (1 month): recording high quality resolution photos on DVD sets, preparing DVD sets, preparing law licenses for further multiplication, sending DVD sets to all of 28 UE countries ministries of culture and education.

Project except financial support requires coordination support connected with permissions for drone flights in 28 countries – in some countries you can fly without problems, in other you need additional requirements.

Additional support also will be necessary during exhibition organization (place, catering…).


Countries: All


Looking for partners. I want to be a leader in a project


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