Valencia, Spain

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation projects

Deadline: 27th November 2019

Cultural operator: AEPV

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The Publishers’ Association from Valencia promote Valencian literature abroad, encourage our associates to open new markets and help small companies in the process.

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Field: Literature


From the experience of the Creative Europe Project PUBCOOP-Literary Market we are even more aware, as an association of small independent publishers, of the need to promote joint strategies to promote the internationalization of our associates.

Our new proposal will be focused in the Creative Europe general objectives:

1st. Safeguard, develop and promote cultural and linguistic diversity and Europe's cultural heritage and

2nd. Strengthen the competitiveness of the European cultural and creative sectors.

These two objectives will be followed with a dissemination project to promote lesser used languages through different promotional activities that let know authors and publishers in international markets. Project activities will try to reinforce authors and publishers presence abroad, increasing their commercial opportunities and strenghening their position in their own markets through cooperation.

This internationalization of publishers that publish in minority languages cannot be independent of the promotion and dissemination of literature in these same languages, while promoting cultural exchange between European countries participating in the project.

This project aims combines the promotion of the culture written in less used languages and the internationalization of small independent publishers that publish in these languages.

Partners searched

Countries: Ireland, Nederlands, Nordic Countries, Baltic Countries,..


Publishers associations, authors associations, training entities or companies, literary festivals, bookfairs.


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