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Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia

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Strand/category: European cooperation projects - small scale

Deadline: October 24th 2019

Cultural operator: Center for Study in Cultural Development

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Center for Study in Cultural Development (CSCD) is a unique institution in the Republic of Serbia, which engages in developmental, applied, and action research across the social sciences and humanities in the fields of culture and media, as well as the accompanying activities: strategic planning, publishing, organizing of scientific, professional, and international events, and similar projects. The multidisciplinary team of the CSCD is comprised of doctors of philosophy in the fields of sociology, psychology, ethnology, anthropology, cultural management, media studies, cultural theory, art studies, and also collaborators in the fields of cultural policy, art history, archaeology, cultural tourism, film/video production, philology, literature, history, political science, ecology, economics, and law. From its founding in 1967, CSCD has been oriented towards international collaboration in all segments of its work. A specific highlight includes a decades-long collaboration with UNESCO. Together with the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, CSCD represents a national point of contact for the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (UNESCO 2005).

Contact details

Center for Study in Cultural Development Belgrade 11000, Rige od Fere no. 4

phone: +381 11 2637 565 fax: +381 11 2638 941

contact person: Ms Biljana Jokic,


Fields: interdisciplinary arts, museums, music


SYNMUSEUMS – (SYMUSE) – MUSEUM SYNESTHESTIA – Creating a connection between people, exhibits and museum spaces – The influence of applied music in museums on the development and engagement of the audience – The process of introducing original applied music for exhibition spaces in museums with the aim of creating a new ambiance for the consumption of art and engaging visitors and artists.

SYNMUSEUMS is an action research project that deals with the development and engagement of the museum audience as well as the long-term connection of local communities, museums, music and research institutions through the implementation of applied exhibition music in museums and the active participation of local groups / visitors on the process of creating original musical compositions for each museum.

The project, which includes an experimental model of the use of original applied music as a unifying synesthetic element between visitors, museum exhibits and exhibition space, includes three key simultaneous groups of activities:

1. Composing an original applied composition for each museum involved in the project – composers from different countries compose applied music for museums in other partner countries.

2. The formation and engagement of a group of active local museum visitors who will have an active part in the process of composing the piece of music. Each of the four partner museums will form its own local group of active museum visitors.

3. Establishing a team of collaborators of research institutions from partner countries who will monitor the number of visitors and the quality of visits to museums during the duration of the project. They will investigate how the applied music is related to the visitors` perception and experience of art and heritage, whether and in which way it helps museum visitors to cognitively and emotionally engage in artworks and the artistic space of the museum. In an international context, researchers will have the opportunity to compare local contexts and more accurately measure the effects of applied music on museums, artists, employees and museum visitors, and how new artistic models evolve through the engagement of the audience.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create an empirically based model for applying an innovative method and building capacity through an experiment in cultural democracy through the process of developing and integrating applied music and audiences into museum programs. The project opens a new dimension of cultural democracy, participation, and perception of museums and their exhibits; engagement of individuals and arts organizations through development, transferring the skills and knowledge needed for the expansion and deepening of ties and relations with the public.

The project SYNMUSEUMS follows the rapid changes in society and the need to develop and test new museological tools for cultural and artistic sectors in order to create new experiences and knowledge in sensitizing the public to cultural and artistic artifacts and museum items, and thus the measurement and improvement of the social value of museums and their influence through the use of active approaches to engaging audiences.

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Countries: All European countries


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