IE Creativity Center

Segovia, Spain

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Europa Creativa Cultura

Deadline: 27th November 2019

Cultural operator: IE Creativity Center

Short description

IE Creativity Center is a public hub resulted of an institutional agreement of Segovia Town Hall and IE University. The ethos is to teach, share and trigger creativity transversally focusing on its capital importance in nowadays education, arts, management and business administration. The Center daily works with students from 130 nationalities, arts festivals, faculty, artists, entrepreneurs and the city of Segovia.

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Fields: Heritage, visual & performative arts, design thinking, technology, virtual reality, music, video creation


Do professionals of education, arts, heritage and cultural production have the tools and deep knowledge to reach young audiences today?

Digital era is one of nowadays’ major challenges. IE Creativity Center is looking for professionals of these domains to create the right context to have a residence, avant-garde art and a resulting festival to debate and create around the topic. Therefore, favoring new management and educational tools to secure knowledge sharing worldwide.

Partners searched

Countries: Any European country but Spain


Museum, Cultural Centre, University, companies, heritage sites or Artists and professionals in the fields of heritage, education, design thinking, arts management, technology, virtual reality, music, video creation and festival management with important know-how/experience in creating for/teaching young audiences.


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